Does Evil Exist? 

Is there a Satan? Is there Hell? Is man’s inhumanity toward his fellow man, just part of his “animal nature”? Or is there something greater? Is there a higher power and a lower power that are battling each other? It says in the Bible that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man started when Cain murdered his brother Abel and the hatred and murder have not ceased. 

You would think that as we have modernized and supposedly evolved into higher beings with higher levels of intelligence, this hatred would become extinct. But it seems that since the 20th century, it has only increased. We saw this with the greatest technological and most advanced Christian nation in the world, as Nazi Germany killed millions, including six million Jews merely because they were Jews. The Jewish People have been hated, persecuted, tortured, and murdered since the days of Pharaoh when he had the firstborn of his Hebrew slaves put to the sword. 

Why did God make the Jewish People, the Hebrews, his Chosen People? And was this because He favored the Jews above everyone else? No. On the contrary, in so doing He actually put a target on the back of every Jewish person by calling him or her “Chosen”. 

The Jewish People were chosen not because of their greatness or their intelligence. They were chosen because they believed in the one true God and the one true God believed that they could be the people to bring His message to the world. 

So, the Jews represent God on this planet more than any other people group and that’s why they’re so hated by almost every other religion and everyone who wants to eliminate God from our society and world. Unfortunately, that also includes some Jews who do not believe in the Covenantal promise God made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Many people on earth have turned away from God. Their gods are the secular world of money, power, and higher education.

Does this mean that the Jewish people are no longer Chosen? Where in Scripture does God reject the Jewish People and say that they are not Chosen, that they no longer have a Covenant with Him? Is there somewhere in Scripture saying that the Jewish people should be murdered, killed, tortured, or expelled? Does it say the Jewish people are responsible for the death of Jesus?

Today, we are witnessing the greatest example that Evil does exist since the days of the Nazis. The spirit of Nazism and Fascism has been passed to the radical Islamists and the extremists on the far right. The White extremists and neo-Nazis of today are brethren with Hamas, ISIS and the Taliban. They all have one common goal – the destruction of the Jewish People and the destruction of Israel. 

Today, as in the past, there are some Jews who try to hide from this or even join in the hatred of their own People and biblical homeland. In Nazi Germany, some Jews thought if that they just went along and attended to their own business and didn’t pay attention, they would be spared. But they weren’t. They met the same fate. This will happen to the Jewish people who now turn their backs on their brethren. The famous Christian martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer stated that “silence in the face of evil is itself evil, God will not hold us guiltless”.

And it will happen to the Christians today who turn their back on the Jewish People who face Hamas and their radical Islamist allies, who are referred to as the Friday People, have pledged to destroy the Saturday people first, the Jewish People, and the Sunday People next, the Christians.

To my horror, I’ve received messages from Christians taking the side of Hamas and the “poor” Palestinian people. Yes, we should pray for the Palestinian people.  For that matter, we should pray for all Arabs. We should pray that all would come to know the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  The false belief that we all believe in the same God is one of the greatest lies perpetrated by so-called “religious” leaders. A god that says it is ok to cook babies in ovens and rape women to the point of mutilation is not the God of light, he is the god of darkness.

Christians must wake up and know that the Jewish People are still God’s Chosen, they are the apple of God’s eye, and, they are not our enemies. Far from it, the Jewish People and Israel have been the greatest friends of Western civilization…  the greatest Keepers of the Light which needs to go to the World to bring it out of darkness.

The Jewish People are the most feared enemies of Satan and his minions. So the battle we fight, the battle which is going on in the heavens still rages. The spirit of anti-Semitism is a satanic spirit, a demon who roams the earth.

Which side will you be on? It is written that Satan was given command of the airwaves. And we can see this today, as we look at the mainstream media, which takes the side of evil. 

In 2006, my husband and I launched Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, to educate the nations, to educate Christians, people of faith and good people that the Jewish People are not our enemies, and that Israel has the right to exist and to defend itself. We have strived to do this through education. Educating people is the only way that we can win this war. Not everyone will receive the message that we bring. There are those who will learn, who can grow and will discover that God’s People, God’s Chosen People, are here for a reason. They have been upheld for centuries. They have suffered longer and greater than any group of people in history. Why does God preserve them? Why should we as Christians help protect them and hold them up and yes, be on their side?

The Jewish People and Israel have nowhere in their Covenant or in their writings or in their laws to destroy the Arab people or to wipe Arabs from the earth, with the exception of Amalek.  God reminded Israel that “He would wage war against Amalek from generation to generation”.  He told Israel to “never forget what they [Amalek] did to you”. (Deuteronomy 25:17-18)

But if we look at their Charter, the writings, and the language of Hamas, ISIS, Iran, and the Taliban, they are committed to killing all Jews, destroying Israel, to wiping it off the face of the Earth. 

So, I ask you to join me, to help me to spread the word, to continue the battle in the media and in our children’s textbooks. That is where we are fighting to educate and activate, to mobilize Christians to action. Because, as people turn away from Israel and the Jewish people, they turn away from God Himself.

Yes, Jesus was a Jew. According to the New Testament, the Jewish People gave Christians salvation.  In John 4:22, it says; “You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews.” Many Christians around the world will be celebrating the birth of Jesus this week. He came from a modest town in Judea called Bethlehem.  He was born to Jewish parents.  The Jewish People have not been replaced with Palestinians or Christians. Many believe in a false doctrine called Replacement Theology, which teaches that Christians have replaced the Jewish People in God’s plan of Redemption.  This is a false doctrine that cannot be substantiated in the text of Scripture.

So, if you believe in this false teaching, then you’re on the side of Evil, too. If you believe that Hamas has the right to kill Jews, then you have chosen to stand on the side of Evil and against God. 

If not, then I ask that you join me and help PJTN. We cannot do this without your help, both organizational (membership) and financial. We do not rely on the government. We rely on each person who believes with us, that the Jewish People need our help, that this battle to help the Jewish People must continue, and that each of us must do our part. We are your voice in the Media and America’s classrooms.  Your voice to teach people, your voice to bring the message that Israel and our Jewish brethren are worth our investment in our time, our prayers, and our finances for such a time as this. 

We must remember that after the attacking the Saturday People, Amalek, the Friday People, will come after the Sunday People – the Christians, who are the last line of defense of the Judeo-Christian Foundation and Western Civilization. 

So, I thank you, for all that you do, on behalf of our Jewish brethren, the State of Israel, and certainly, for these United States.

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