Two days ago, Breaking Israel News reported on a visit to the Temple Mount by Shai Nitzan, the State Prosecutor to the Temple Mount. During the course of the visit, Nitzan entered the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim shrine built on top of the Jewish Temples. Nitzan was the first Jew to enter the building since Ariel Sharon did so in 2000. Jewish law forbids Jews from entering the site. Nitzan angered many by removing his shoes upon entering the building.

Yaakov Hayman, chairman of the United Temple Movements, noted a disturbing element of Nitzan’s visit. 

“When Nitzan entered the Dome of the Rock, he took off his shoes acknowledging the Muslim claim that it is a mosque and a holy site,” Hayman told Breaking Israel News at the time. Nitzan did not take off his shoes when entering the Temple Mount compound in the manner mandated by Jewish law. So Nitzan was, in effect, acknowledging Muslim religious law on the Temple Mount while disregarding Jewish law. Nitzan is Jewish and is, by some accounts religiously observant.

One day after Nitzan ascended to the Temple Mount, a complaint was filed with the police with evidence pointing to Shai Nitzan, claiming that he trumped-up charges against Netanyahu and illegally leaked news to the media. The charges include fraud, breach of trust, and taking bribes. The complaint against Nitzan included photographs, videos, audio recordings and documents that were filed with the police in connection with investigations Nitzan was leading into the affairs of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The complaint names Nitzan as the one behind illegal leaks to the media. The complaint also claims that Nitzan blackmailed associates of Netanyahu, coercing them into turning state witness. If the claims against Nitzan are proven to be accurate, charges currently being made against Netanyahu may be dropped. 

Hayman was not surprised that Nitzan’s grave legal difficulties came directly after disrespecting Judaism’s holiest site.

“A my father, of blessed memory, used to say, ‘What goes around comes around,” Hayman said. “God always evens the scales. But not always so fast.”

“If you believe in God you have to believe there is justice in this world,” Hayman said. “Maybe Nitzan got this message right away because Rosh Hashanna is right around the corner.”

Hayman suggested that other politicians who disrespect the Bible would do well to take heed.

It was also revealed by a Commission of Inquiry Nitzan tried to prevent the entry of a qualified forensic doctor into a position at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in a manner that may have been illegal. It was also charged that four senior prosecutors attempted to change an affidavit testimony by a witness, a crime that can bring a punishment of several years in jail. 

Source: Israel in the News