Prime minister Netanyahu engaged in a short-lived Twitter war with long-time political rival Ehud Barak on Sunday shedding light on a report that came out linking Barak with Jeffery Epstein. After it was reported that alleged pedophile and close associate of Ehud Barak, Jeffery Epstein, was arrested for the sex trafficking of minors, the Israeli premier took to Twitter posting an article that linked the two tweeting “the media is silent”.

Netanyahu tweeting against Barak (Courtesy of: Twitter screenshot)

Ehud Barak responded. Not only didn’t he deny his connection with Jeffery Epstein, but tried to turn the tables on Netanyahu by lumping both of their investigations together responding: “It pains me to hear about people that I know getting in trouble with the law. First Netanyahu, now Epstein. I hope that for both of them, the truth comes out. Period”

Barak responds on Twitter (courtesy: Twitter)

Epstein, a billionaire, was arrested in New York and is facing multiple sex trafficking charges.

Although the Epstein and Barak are close friends, no one can confirm if Ehud Barak ever stepped inside Epstein’s burlesque House in Miami. However, an image of Ehud Barak walking with a private security guard right outside of Epstein’s residence made its rounds on social media back in 2016.

Source: Israel in the News