As the leader of the Jewish nation, Moshe involved himself with all matters of concern to the people. Yet, his final activity in this world was devoted to one area alone: Moshe ascends the mountain of Nevo and gazes upon the Land of Israel. The Talmud (Sotah 14a) poses the questions: Why did Moshe desire to enter the Land of Israel? Was it to enjoy his fruits or to satiate himself of its bounty? The Talmud answers that Moshe’s desire was a spiritual one; he craved an opportunity to keep the commandments unique to the Land of Israel. Being allowed to view the Land was a comfort to Moshe who understood that even just seeing it propels a person to new spiritual heights Today, there are people who access high balconies in the Old City of Jerusalem in order to view the Temple Mount. They appreciate the spiritual benefit they can get just from seeing this holy sight.

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