“One of the three commandments that the people of Israel are to fulfill after conquering the Land of Israel is to obliterate the Amalekites. Amalek is more than just a nation – it represents an ideology antithetical to that of Israel’s: Absolute denial of Godliness in this world and a total lack of morality. Jewish tradition believes that a nation of Amalekite proportions exists within every generation. The Nazis who were responsible for the murder of millions of European Jews during the Holocaust represent Amalek in our generation.
With the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, they must fulfill the Biblical commandment of ridding the world of evil Amalekite ideologies and instead spread light and Godliness throughout the world. You, too, can explore the transition from darkness to light by taking part in Israel365 70 Years of Prophecy Fulfilled tour from Poland to Israel. Witness the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and the re-birth of the Jewish people in their ancestral homeland.

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