Despite Saving Lives of US Troops, Biden Shows Israel ‘Ingratitude’
President Joe Biden (L) and PM Naftali Bennett

Despite the proven efficiency of Israeli intelligence in saving American lives, the US continues to undermine Israeli interests and actions in Syria and Iran.  

By Toby Siegal

Israeli intelligence and security officials have expressed frustration with the Biden administration over what they perceive as an ongoing campaign by the U.S. to limit Israeli clandestine operations, Hebrew newspaper Yediot Aharanoth reported Friday.

The comments were made in regard to the U.S. Commerce Department recently blacklisting two Israeli companies linked to the Israeli government – NSO Group and Candiru – after accusing them of using their technology to “maliciously target” foreign governments, reporters and activists, which the Biden administration has said harms U.S. interests.

However, according to the Yediot Aharanoth report, it seems like the technology provided by those firms and other Israeli intelligence entities, has actually played a major role in saving American troops from Iranian attacks on multiple occasions.

The announcement by the U.S. Commerce Department thus came as a shock to many Israeli officials, who said the move reflected the “ingratitude” of the Biden administration.

One official indicated that until the matter is resolved, Israel will limit its intelligence sharing with the U.S. government.

“We need to notify them that we have no idea why Israeli actions in the cyber world raised American ire, but until we can conclusively settle the matter, and to ensure that, God forbid, we don’t harm American national security interests again, we will suspend the flow of information Israel collects to the U.S. intel community,” an unnamed Israeli official told Yediot Aharanoth.

“Maybe that way, if there is no one to save their soldiers next time around, they will answer their phones,” he added.

The latest notable incident of Israeli intelligence preventing American casualties in the Middle East took place on October 20, when a drone attack carried out by Iran targeted a U.S. military base in southern Syria.

Despite the “deliberate and coordinated,” the attack cause no casualties, as the 200 American troops stationed at the base were evacuated hours before the attack after being by Israeli intelligence.

The Friday report also mentions an incident that took place in January 2020, when Iran launched a barrage of missiles against American troops in Iraq, targeting some 1,500 U.S. personnel. This potentially deadly incident was also prevented thanks to a last-minute warning by Israel, leading the troops to take shelter in reinforced bunkers before the missiles hit.

Despite these and other incidents that have proven the efficiency of Israeli intelligence gathering in the region, the Biden administration has continued to undermine Israeli interests and actions in Syria and Iran.

In November, it was reported that the Biden administration had attempted to warn Israel against attacking Iran’s nuclear sites, insisting that such actions were “counterproductive,” a warning that Israel has dismissed.

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