Despite Hamas declaring an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire, Israel’s southern border remained violent over the weekend.

Hamas announced the ceasefire took effect on Thursday at midnight. Less than 12 hours later approximately 9,000 rioters gathered along the security fence between Gaza and Israel on Friday.  The March of Return riots began 20 weeks ago on March 30. The Gazans burned tires, hurled rocks, explosive devices, and firebombs at IDF troops and the security fence. The IDF responded with riot dispersal means.

IDF troops also identified an infiltration attempt into Israel. Suspects infiltrated Israel before returning to the Gaza Strip.

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A number of terrorists hurled a grenade at IDF troops in the northern Gaza Strip. No IDF troops were injured. In response to the violent riots, IDF tanks struck two Hamas posts in the northern Gaza Strip.

Rioters continued sending aerial incendiary devices into Israel, burning more than 7,000 acres to date. A 13-foot kite landed on power lines, causing a power outage in Kibbutz Sufa and surrounding region on Friday. Earlier in the day, an incendiary device ignited a fire in the Nir Am nature reserve. In response, the IDF targeted a cell responsible for launching incendiary balloons in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday.

The Gaza health ministry reported that a Palestinian Arab medic was killed by Israeli fire during the protests.

On Saturday, a flotilla of approximately 40 boats set out from Gaza to challenge the border with Israel. The Israeli navy intercepted the flotilla and fired warning shots. The flotilla turned back.

On Wednesday night, Hamas fired almost 200 projectiles at Israel. The IDF responded by hitting approximately 140 Hamas military targets.

Source: Israel in the News