Denying Conversion Therapy to Gay People is Homophobic

Jewish Home head Rabbi Rafi Peretz said that he believes in (gay-to-straight) conversion therapy and he “did it himself” during an interview with channel 12.

That one statement sent the entire LGBT community, and their supporters into a wild frenzy.

The Psychologists Union penned a letter in response to Rabbi Peretz’s remarks saying that they are: “are in total contradiction to the psychological and social reality.”

Dr. Zvi Fishel, chairman of the Israel Psychiatric Association said that the “patient’s well-being and the feeling of failure can lead to suicide”.

And a group of LGBT educators wrote him a letter threatening to “exhaust all legal means at their disposal to oppose the dangerous and offensive sentiments”. 

Even religious, right-wing Education minister,Naftali Bennett who took it upon himself to speak in the name of religious zionists said “The statements made do not represent the majority of the national-religious public that is opposed to the obsessive war against LGBT people. Every person was created in the image of G-d, every person and every image,”.

First of all, Bennett doesn’t seem to understand that not only is conversion therapy not an “obsessive war against LGBT people”. The exact opposite is true. Denying gay people the right to conversion therapy is the obsessive war against LGBT people.

That’s because by denying people conversion therapy, you are denying them of their free choice. And there is nothing more homophobic than deciding what’s best for other gay people without taking their free will into consideration. 

But more importantly, Bennett doesn’t realize that there is no “obsessive war against LGBT people”, quite the contrary. It is the LGBT community who is in an obsessive war against religion, more specifically, the traditional family. 

The latest storm surrounding Peretz’s support of conversion therapy.

That’s because all Rafi Peretz essentially said is that if a gay man, wants to try to become straight on his own volition, he should be extended that right. Whether it works or not is beside the point. 

Anyone who denies a homosexual the right to any sort of therapy, be it conversion therapy, art therapy or dance therapy is the greatest enemy of gay rights, no matter how well-intentioned they are.

Source: Israel in the News