Delivery of New ‘David’s Sling’ Defense System to Israeli Air Force Begins

David's Sling

Delivery of the state-of-the-art David’s Sling advanced anti-ballistic missile-defense system to Israeli air bases has begun.

Israel said Tuesday it has begun delivering its new mid-range missile defense system to air bases.

The Defense Ministry said the David’s Sling system “will allow Israel to more effectively defend against the wide range of current and future threats to its civilians.” The delivery process will take a few weeks.

Developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and U.S.-based Raytheon Co., it is designed to intercept rockets between 70 kilometers (45 miles) and 300 kilometers (180 miles). It is primarily meant to defend against attacks from Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The Iron Dome protects against short-range rockets and intercepted hundreds of projectiles fired by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists from Gaza during the summer 2014 war. Israel has also deployed its Arrow system for longer-range threats from Iran.

By: AP

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