Delivering Pizza to the Homeless in Jerusalem during Lockdown

As Israel suffered a second lockdown, Israelis were unable to leave their homes. This meant that there was no one available to feed the homeless who were hungry on the street. That’s why Israel365’s David Sidman used his press pass to meet with Jerusalem’s homeless and bring them hot meals – More specifically, pizza!

What most people don’t know

Israel is often touted as a hi-tech powerhouse. When reporting on Israel’s economy, innovative technologies such as Waze, the Iron Dome and cutting edge medical technology often dominate the headlines.

But there’s another side of Israel’s economy that many of those trying to promote its accomplishments don’t like to talk about. That’s because Israel has a poverty problem. And the lockdowns from the corona-crisis have only made the situation worse..Much worse.


To get a better idea, the following are just a few developments that took place since the corona-crisis hit the Jewish State:

  • A 300% increase in families in need of financial assistance was reported
  • 145,000 Israelis were sent into a new state of food insecurity.
  • 1 in 7 Israelis are Now Skipping Meals
  • Unemployment went from below 4% at the beginning of the pandemic, to more than 27.6% towards the end of April.
  • 14.1% say that they or a member of their household has had to cut back on the amount of food they consume each week
  • Hunger has gotten so bad that the army has had to step in just to deliver food to the poor


But when you actually walk the streets of Jerusalem, the increase in homelessness is palpable. That’s why now can be your chance to alleviate the hunger in Israel by donating to Israel365 today.


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