Na Laga’at center in Jaffa

At the Na Laga’at center in Jaffa, professional deaf & blind actors run the show; the IDF gives important jobs to young people with autism; a free program helps Israeli-Arab men stop smoking, and much more.


Where the deaf and blind run the show

I reported previously (Mar 2011) on the Na Laga’at (“Please Touch”) center in Jaffa for professional deaf & blind actors. Here is an up-to-date video about the center.

BBC shows role of IDF autistic recruits

This rare positive BBC video shows the Israeli army giving important analysis jobs to young people with autism.

Jaffa school teaches co-existence

I24News interviews the amazing Veronica Fahel, a 13-year-old student at the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic Tabeetha school in Jaffa.

Free program to help Israeli-Arab men stop smoking

Hebrew University / Hadassah, with funding from the Israel Cancer Association and the Health Ministry, has initiated SMS Quit to help Israeli-Arab men quit smoking. Arab men have the highest smoking rate (44%) in Israel and therefore the shortest life expectancy.

An Israeli-Arab at Ariel University

Amal Medlij, Coordinator for Minority Students at Ariel University, speaks about life for an Israeli-Arab attending a university across the Green Line.

Israeli medics treat 7 Syrians on border

The Israeli army provided medical treatment to seven Syrians, including four women and two children, severely wounded by shrapnel in their country’s civil war. After treatment, all were transferred to hospitals in Northern Israel.

‘Caring for Syrian patients is our duty’

Dr Salman Zarka is General Director of the Ziv Medical Center in the Northern Israeli city of Safed which has treated 800 of the 3000 wounded Syrians taken to Israeli hospitals. Most have serious war injuries, but Ziv doctors have also delivered 19 babies.

Cyprus and Israel, common values and vision

President of Cyrus, Nicos Anastasiades, at the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem, described Cyprus and Israel as two countries sharing “the same values and common vision”. They are “beacons of stability, and natural partners of the West in the Middle East.”

Israeli wins Germany’s highest honor

Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s President Menahem Ben-Sasson has been awarded Germany’s Order of Merit – the country’s highest honor.  It “recognizes Professor Ben-Sasson’s outstanding, extensive, and personal commitment to German-Israeli relations in the field of science. “

Protecting UN troops

The UN is using Israeli observation balloons and unmanned aerial vehicles to protect its peacekeepers in the Central African Republic. The equipment is used to guard outposts, carry out operations and gather intelligence.

Training emergency responders in India

At the request of the International Committee of the Red Cross, instructors and paramedics from Magen David Adom spent two weeks in India training Indian Red Cross instructors to improve first response in India, a country prone to disasters and traffic accidents.

Helping flood victims in Peru

Israeli emergency aid teams from the IsraAID organization are in Peru helping residents get back on their feet after rains caused floods and mudslides. Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless and thousands are still missing. IsraAID is helping in schools and with sanitation facilities.

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