Eli Beer, Founder of United Hatzalah

Eli Beer, whose organization is credited with saving innumerable lives, is now fighting for his own survival.

By United with Israel Staff

Eli Beer, founder of United Hatzalah of Israel, is battling coronavirus at Miami University Hospital. He posted an emotional video on Friday before being intubated to relieve his breathing difficulties due to the illness.

He began experiencing shortness of breath and fever last week. It has since been confirmed that he has coronavirus and pneumonia. As his condition worsened, he was sedated and placed on a respirator.

In a public statement on Sunday, United Hatzalah chairpersons Mark and Erica Gerson said, “On Friday evening, he was put on a ventilator to assist his breathing. We expect Eli to be sedated for two days to two weeks and expect he will experience a full, if slow and difficult, recovery.”

Beer, who lives in Israel, contracted the dreaded illness while fundraising in Florida for the organization he founded in 2006. With the rapid spread of coronavirus, he recognized that Hatzalah would need extra funds during this urgent time.

United Hatzalah of Israel

Beer masterminded United Hatzalah of Israel when he was a young EMT in Jerusalem. He recognized that ambulances were being severely delayed in arriving to emergency situations due to heavy urban traffic and the challenges posed by Jerusalem’s narrow streets and alleys.

He introduced “ambucycles” to EMT services. These are fully medically-equipped motorcycles able to bypass traffic or obstructed roadways to quickly reach patients in average of 90 seconds or less. Due to the efforts of Beer and his corps of volunteer medics, innumerable lives have been saved.

Today, the organization has over 6,000 volunteers providing lifesaving help 24/7, 365 days a year.

The public has been asked to pray for Beer’s full and speedy recovery. His Hebrew name is Eliezer Yehuda ben (son of) Chaya.

Source: United with Israel