An Irish Pro-Palestinian ‘human rights’ attorney who was incarcerated for racially abusing stewards of the Air India cabin crew after they refused to serve her alcohol on a flight, was found dead mere days after her release from jail. The Irish Post reports that Burns, a self-proclaimed BDS activist, committed suicide.

The corpse of 50-year-old Belfast-born Simone Burns, was found at the foot of the Beachy Head cliffs in East Sussex on June 1 the report confirms.

Burn’s death came only 13 days following her released from the HMP Bronzefield prison in Surrey, England, after her conviction in April of being intoxicated on an aircraft and assault. During the incident, whose video went viral on social media, Ms. Burns can be seen spitting into a flight attendant’s face while on a drunken tirade on board a Mumbai flight heading back to London in November, 2018. Among other racial epithets hurled at the Indian flight crew, she also proclaimed “I’m a f***ing barrister. A human rights lawyer, and an international criminal lawyer. For the f***ing Palestinian people.”

Click to see Burn’s drunken racist tirade in Nov. 2018 (courtesy: Youtube screenshot)

The video showed Burns – who also goes by the alias ‘O’Broin’ – telling the crew: “I’m a f***ing international lawyer” and then calling them “Indian money-grabbing c***s”.

The Telegraph reported that a friend who preferred to be named, said that Burns’ world “fell apart” after her conviction earlier this year.

They added that she was also a target for online trolls, after she wore a band-aid on her nose during her trial following several surgeries for skin cancer.

In a statement, Sussex, UK Police confirmed that Ms Burns had been found dead at the foot of Beachy Head, a cliff overlooking the beach on the southern coast of the UK.

Source: Israel in the News