Confessions of Israeli Air Force Pilots

Meet the newest graduates of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) Pilots Course. The three-year-long Pilots Course at the Israeli Air Force Flight Academy is among the most intensive courses in the IDF, and only a couple dozen cadets successfully complete the course. In the “Preparatory” stage, the cadets undergo infantry training to how to be combat soldiers. In the “Basic”stage, the cadets undergo officer’s training and take part in parachuting courses. In the “Preliminary” section, cadets spend most of their time in planes and learn basic piloting. During the year of academic studies, the cadets focus on one of the academic tracks available to them in order to attain a Bachelor’s degree. In addition, throughout their time in the course, their learning is supplemented by courses on physics and aerodynamics. In the “Advanced” stage, the cadets acquire advanced flight skills. Upon graduating the course, the cadets commit to serving in the Israeli Air Force for 7 years.

Source: Israel in the News