College Democrats stand with Hamas…and Biden

College Democrats stand with Hamas…and Biden

The College Democrats of America (CDA),.the official college outreach arm of the Democratic National Committee, with over  100,000 college and university student members, released its official statement regarding the two-week wave of anti-Israel protests that have taken over college campuses across the country and spread to more than 79 universities. But rather than call for a return to learning or denounce antisemitism, the student organization praised the destructive protests, calling Israel’s war against Hamas “genocidal”.

“This past week, we witnessed heroic actions on the part of students around the country to protest and sit in for an end to the war in Palestine and the release of the hostages,” the CDA statement read. “Since the beginning of this conflict, College Democrats and students from every walk of life have had the moral clarity to see this war for what it is: destructive, genocidal, and unjust,” the statement continued. 

Most political analysts would claim that in the wake of the Oct. 7 massacre, Israel’s war against Hamas was clearly justified.

“The White House has taken the mistaken route of a bear hug strategy for [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] and a cold shoulder strategy for its own base and all Americans who want to see an end to this war. Each day that Democrats fail to stand united for a permanent ceasefire, two-state solution, and recognition of a Palestinian state, more and more youth find themselves disillusioned with the party,” it said.

“We believe all calls for violence, such as those against Jewish and Muslim students, are wrong; those who spread hatred have no place in the movement for peace.”

Despite this claim, the student protests have been characterized by calls for “Intifada”, a violent uprising, and “From the river to the sea”, a phrase that has been recognized as a racist call to erase the state of Israel.

The statement expressed solidarity with protestors “calling for an immediate permanent ceasefire, release of hostages, and a two-state solution where both Palestinians and Israelis can live side by side in peace.”

It should be noted that while the statement did not mention Hamas, a cease-fire would benefit the terrorist group, leaving it in power on Israel’s southern border, poised to carry out its vow to repeat the Oct. 7 massacre.

A “two-state solution” would create an unprecedented militarized Palestinian state inside Israel’s borders that has been ethnically cleansed of Jews, with its capital in an exclusively Muslim Jerusalem. Hamas has pledged to reject any solution other than a violent elimination of Israel and a genocide of all Jews around the world.

Ironically, the statement called for college administration to protect students from antisemitism and Islamophobia.

“College administrations need to protect students from all forms of hatred-antisemitism and Islamophobia-without impeding on the rights of students.”

“…it should be made abundantly clear that calling for the freedom of Palestinians is not antisemitic, and neither is opposing the acts of the far-right radical extremist Israeli government.”

The group noted as proof of its non-Jew hatred that they had permitted Jews on campus to celebrate Passover. Ironically, Passover celebrates the exodus of the Jewish nation and its journey to establish sovereignty in its divinely promised homeland of Israel.

The statement iterated support for the reelection of President Biden. 

“As young voters, we are well aware that come November, our votes will determine who wins the White House,” the statement continued.

The organization posted a tweet claiming their actions were not as drastic as those of Republicans.

“If we were terrorists, we’d storm the Capitol like Jan 6th. Instead, we released a statement. We’re building a coalition and movement to peacefully protest genocide, call for a ceasefire and release of hostages, and divestment.”

A post by the CDA thanked the leadership of Hasan Pyarali, the head of the Muslim Caucus Chairman and a senior at Wake Forest University. An October 26 article in the Wake University student website quoted Pyarali as defending Laura Mullen, a professor at the university who tweeted support of Hamas five days after the attack on Oct. 7.

“So it’s kind of a Duh but if you turn me out of my house plow my olive grove and confine what’s left of my family to the small impoverished state you run as an open air prison I could be tempted to shoot up your dance party yeah even knowing you will scorch the earth,” Prof. Mullen posted.

Pyarali, who helped organize the student protests, defended Mullen, saying the post contained important context relating to Hamas’ attacks.

“What I do believe is that there’s quite a bit of context that this professor was trying to bring attention to — and granted, she might not have done it in the best way — and describe how this event didn’t really happen in a vacuum,” Pyarali said.

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