CNN Host Refers to Trump’s Children as “Spawn”

At the height of the post-election frenzy, an award-winning CNN journalist exceed the limits of journalistic standards when he referred to the president’s family as “spawn”, an adjective usually limited to the offspring of lower animals—or the Devil.

Jake Tapper: The President’s Spawn and LSD

On Friday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper mocked President Trump, his children, and his followers during a segment with CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash and CNN’s White House correspondent Abby Phillip. 

Tapper opened the conversation by saying, “The three of us have been noting the response or lack thereof from Republican officials when it comes to the untethered and wild allegations being made by the president and his spawn and his supporters about the election, all of the crazy and false claims about it being stolen.”

The dialogue went on to question the president’s decision to investigate and challenge allegations of irregularities in counting the ballots but Tapper went on to double down, using the derisive reference to the president’s family yet again.

“And you’re upset about what you see on Fox and you have every right to be,” Tapper said, referring to a competing news channel. “You should check out the Twitter feed of the president’s spawn, because it is like rantings in crayon by somebody having an LSD trip. I mean, is somebody — these are claims that are just so wild that they wouldn’t even make, forget Fox, they wouldn’t make Fox business where, you know, are all sorts of facts go to die.”

SPAWN: Fish, Devil, and Pop-Culture

Spawn is a term used to describe procreation in lower animals that produce young in especially large numbers. In the modern lexicon, it has become associated with the devil, describing a person with the potential of becoming Satan’s right-hand man. In pop-culture, Spawn is the name of a comic book character that died and went to hell due to his life as an assassin. The character makes a deal with the devil, returning to serve him in this world. 

The flippant use of the word ‘spawn’ is surprising, coming from the award-winning journalist but earned instant approval on social media from other anti-Trump journalists. Left-wing activist and author Amy Sisskind tweeted a response to Tapper’s comment, noting its association with the devil, which she believed was appropriate.


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