Identifying complex terror tunnels on Israel’s border is tricky business. But Rabbi Yehuda of the Galilee,  who is known for possessing the gift of seeing the metaphysical world in its entirety, managed to accurately locate multiple terror tunnels on Israel’s borders just by scanning the landscape with his naked eyes.

The current state of the tunnels

In January, the IDF released a statement claiming that the operation to seek and destroy cross-border terror tunnels from Lebanon into Israel was completed and that the subterranean network used for carrying out attacks had been neutralized as reported in the Times of Israel.

But local residents, certain IDF personnel and a rabbi who could only be described as having the gift of prophet-like vision believe otherwise.  The rabbi, is Rabbi Yehuda. He lives a sheltered life in Israel’s Galilee region. He does not speak to the press. However, his disciples describe him as having the ability to “see other worlds”.

His associate, Rabbi Moshe explains how “He will know if you are suffering from emotional distress just by looking at you. He will know if you are suffering financially or even if you are hiding a secret.” Rabbi Moshe continued saying how “although I do not possess the same abilities, I can help Rabbi Yehuda hone them into practical results in this world”.

How it all began

It all started back in 2013 when IDF Colonel Oded, who was tasked in securing the Israel-Lebanon border received multiple phone calls from concerned residents of the area. These residents of the various kibbutzim close to the Lebaniese border expressed anxiety and believed that despite the IDF saying otherwise, the tunnel digging was still happening right under their nose. It was at that point, Colonel Oded realized that he needed to take action. And although he had no adequate technology available, he did know about Rabbi Yehuda who he heard has the gift of ‘prophet-like vision’. 

Colonel Oded was then contacted By Rabbi Moshe and suggested that he, along with Rabbi Yehuda join him on a patrol of Israel’s North-West border with Lebanon. When the patrol finally took place, Rabbi Yehuda, who offers his services voluntarily, shocked every skeptical IDF soldier in the vehicle when he accurately identified a terror tunnel on the opposite side of the border. He located the subterranean network underneath the Zarit base even though there was no way he could have possibly known that there was an army outpost in that exact location. After successfully finding the tunnel he then located another one, this time near the coastal town of Rosh Hanikra. 

It didn’t end there. Rabbi Yehuda joined another border patrol near the northern town of Zarit. This was a place where many of the town’s residents complained about digging noises coming from underneath the ground. 

“They set off to patrol the area accompanied by a police officer, and claimed that they discovered five tunnels near our community,” explained the chairman of Zarit residents’ committee, Yossi Adoni.

In hindsight, Adoni said, “There was a linear match between the rabbi’s findings” in 2013 and the tunnels that were recently identified in Operation Northern Shield in 2019.”

“The facts on the ground speak for themselves: I cross-checked information and made comparisons between the three tunnels found near Zarit during Operation Northern Shield and the location where the rabbi identified during the patrol and there was a match! The police officer who accompanied them was also really impressed. The rabbi was basically spot-on,” Adoni stated.

The southern threat

That same year (2013), Israel’s residents of the Gaza belt communities were suffering from the same type of terror tunnels as well. So in 2014, Rabbi Moshe was put in touch with Rafi Babian, the Sdot Negev regional council’s security chief. 

When the security team invited Rabbi Yehuda to join them on their patrol, Rabbi Yehuda identified no less than 31 terror tunnels! He even identified some of their exit points. A half-year later, during Operation Protective edge, the IDF discovered and sealed 32 tunnels. 

Another security head of the region who was with the Rabbi on the patrol said “Listen, it is unbelievable, unbelievable! This guy has supernatural abilities, no doubt. When we patrolled together, we arrived close to Kibbutz Nahal Oz, and he grabbed my hand and said “There is a tunnel here”’.

“God only knows how he knew, but that was precisely where terrorists surfaced several months later, during the battle, and killed soldiers in the Givati Brigade,” he said. “Precisely in the same spot where I stood with him. I will never forget that moment.”

But like Colonel Oded, one unnamed security chief knows that as soon as Rabbi Yehuda’s miraculous findings are reported to higher ranking officials, they will be met with scorn and ridicule. 

“The senior officials in the defense establishment have a difficult time accepting the idea of ‘channelers.’ It’s difficult for anyone who hasn’t experienced it in the field, like I did, to believe in it. If I come forward publicly, they’ll think I’m mentally insane.”

In light of his success, Rabbi Moshe then managed to join another patrol in 2016 with the IDF’s engineering corp of the Southern command. 

The skepticism

However the upper brass in the IDF responded to the Rabbi’s findings with indifference. The spokesperson’s unit refused to discuss the matter or to allow the soldiers involved to talk about it with the press. However, the division commander didn’t seem to get the memo that the holy rabbi was not relying on any sort of equipment to locate the tunnels. It was at that point the high ranking officer said “I don’t know how to operate with rabbis. The chief of staff doesn’t like rabbis.”

As soon as that division commander was replaced however, Rabbi Yehuda was invited to join another patrol along Israel’s southern border. They even identified several more tunnels. And although the feedback was positive, the IDF subsequently severed all contact. 

Both Adoni and the Colonel believe that to this day, there are more tunnels out there that could be located and neutralized if the Army wasn’t so closed minded and skeptical regarding the use of a rabbi…even though he has a proven track record of success. 

The IDF Spokesperson’s unit said in response, “The IDF never relied at any stage upon citizens with any sort of abilities in order to locate attack tunnels. Rather, it used advanced technological and intelligence means only,” the statement said.

If only they did, God knows how many lives would have been spared.


Source: Israel in the News