It has been cleared for publication that in June of 2019, Adel Abu al-Dayeb, a resident of the Arab Bedouin village of Rahat, was detained for questioning in connection with joining the Hamas terrorist organization reports 0404. The investigation was a joint effort between the Shabak (Israeli Security Services) and the Israeli Police,

According to the report, Abu al-Dayeb was inspired to join the terrorist organization after exposure to their propaganda on the internet. The investigation also revealed that the suspect tried to make a bomb that was to be detonated in a hotel in Israel. He was familiar with the hotel as he worked closely as a gardener.

The suspect even tried to acquire various materials to make a rocket. During the investigation, Abu al-Dayeb handed over 5 crowd dispersal grenades. This included 2 tear gas grenades, 2 stun grenades, and a smoke grenade.

The Shabak responded saying: “We view the integration of Israeli citizens into terrorist activities very gravely. Some of them are influenced by Hamas propaganda that is spread on social media and via Palestinian media” the statement read.

The State Prosecutor filed an indictment against the suspect on Sunday in the Beer Sheva Magistrates Court.

The City of Rahat responded saying that the suspect actually lives in a village called Dabzurah which is a nearby village but does not fall under the jurisdiction of Rahat.

Earlier in July, Breaking Israel News reported on a Hamas terrorist who was killed by IDF forces after trying to place a bomb on the border fence.


Source: Israel in the News