Was the coronavirus pandemic a blatant act of war ?

It could very well be. That’s because since 1996, the Chinese Military has pushed the idea of biological warfare as a legitimate means of fighting battles a new expose in Japan Forward reveals.


That year, two Chinese military officers (colonels in the People’s Liberation Air Force (PLAAF), Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui had the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) publish a book whose basic premise was that the rules of war have to suit not just those in power like America but other players (like China). The book also stressed that nations need not adhere to the banning of chemical and biological weapons if it doesn’t serve their interest. It went even further to promote the use of chemical and biological weapons alongside conventional warfare.


Nearly 20 years later, then-president of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences He Fuchu penned an essay arguing that biotechnology would find its place as a strategic necessity in the battlefield. This includes bio-materials as well “brain control” weapons

He went on to become the vice president of the PLA’s Academy of Military Sciences — the highest-level research institute of the PLA.

Trends of taking bio-weaponry mainstream continued throughout the report highlights.

This is compounded by the fact that Beijing’s Central Military Commission has been funding projects that involve biological and biomimetic materials, as well as new-age biotechnology.


Additionally, in a 2017 book titled New Highland of War that was published by the National Defense University Press, biology was categorized as “one of the seven new domains of warfare.” That same year, an official textbook that was published by the PLA’s National Defense University —  featured a new section on “biology as a domain of military struggle.” This chapter touches on new potential kinds of biological warfare, including “specific ethnic genetic attacks.”

China also introduced a 13-year plan that incorporates civilian and military cooperation. Among them – biology, with dual-use features to optimize combat effectiveness in scientific achievements. The plan also involves transitioning biological achievements for military use.

The fact that the novel coronavirus outbreak was reported almost immediately following the December 15 trade deal between Trump and China has raised eyebrows among many critics. Especially since it was revealed that China ensured that there was an out clause saying that if there was a pandemic, they would not be bound to the terms of the deal.

Source: Israel in the News