Car Attack Injures 3 IDF, Stabbing in Hebron Injures Soldier and Arab

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Three IDF Border Patrol soldiers were injured Saturday evening when a car driven by Arabs rammed into them at Metzudat Adummim Junction, east of Jerusalem, near Maale Adummim. Nearby IDF troops opened fire, wounding the occupants of the car. The soldiers were reported to have been lightly injured.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the incident began when soldiers observed two people breaching the security fence. The two then entered a car which began to drive towards Jerusalem.

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“The report was passed on to vehicular teams who began driving towards the car with the suspects,” she said. When the vehicle encountered traffic and was forced to slow down, policemen approached it on foot. The car’s driver backed up in an attempt to flee “while trying to run over the policemen. The policemen who were in immediate danger shot at the vehicle”. Two of the suspects, including a 14 year old boy, were hit by police gunfire. The suspects’ car then hit the border police vehicle, injuring the troops inside.

Earlier on Saturday in Hebron, adjacent to the cave of the Patriarchs, a 17 year old Arab woman attacked an IDF soldier with a knife, stabbing him in the hand. A 50 year old  Palestinian man standing nearby tried to stop the woman from attacking the soldier and she then attacked him. The soldier and Palestinian man were hospitalized, the soldier with light wounds. The Palestinian man was wounded in the chest and is listed in stable condition. The terrorist was shot and killed.

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