Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines has decided to remove the halva dessert made in Israel because it is produced in a factory in Samaria, saying that is “a controversial product.”

Israel’s Ynet reported Wednesday that the Belgian airline dropped the Israeli sesame snacks made by Achva three weeks ago at the behest of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which claimed the product is made on “occupied land.”

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign said a Palestinian passenger recognized the candy, produced by an Israeli food company based in the Barkan Industrial Park near the city of Ariel, and reported to them on its usage. They contacted the airline, which complied with their demand to have it removed from their flights.

Brussels Airlines told Ynet that the halva produced in Samaria was on on their vegetarian menu by mistake.

“A passenger brought our attention to the controversial product. As an airline that serve an international public of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, it is our responsibility to offer products that everyone will appreciate, and therefore we decided to change the desert.”

Yaacov Malach, the manufacturer of the boycotted candy, told Ynet that “peace will come from here [his company]” were Israelis and Palestinians work side by side, and “not from airlines.”

He said the loss is only minor, and doubted that Brussels Airlines would follow through with their threat.

He said that with all the boycott threats in Europe, when the customer finds the product tasty – he buys it.

By: United with Israel Staff     

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Source: United with Israel