British Judge Quits Following Investigation over Anti-Semitic Comments

Abul Hussain

British judge Abul Hussain resigned prior to his impending removal over anti-Semitic comments he made on Facebook, the UK-based Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) grassroots group announced.

Following an official year-long investigation into the matter, CAA cited the British Judicial Conduct Investigations Office as saying that magistrate Abul “Abz” Hussain “has resigned from judicial office following an investigation into an allegation that he had posted racist and anti-Semitic comments on social media. A disciplinary panel recommended that Mr. Hussain be removed from the judiciary, but he resigned before the disciplinary process had been formally concluded. His resignation took effect from 26 August 2015. Had he not resigned, the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice would have removed him from judicial office.”

Hussain’s anti-Semitic Facebook posts included “u know the worlds coming to an end when a jew accuses another of being his kind!” and “jews like u are boring so find everything lame, here’s a penny go put it in the bank and u just might get a pound after ten years interest!”

In 2010, Hussain was expelled from the UK’s Respect political party—which is led by outspoken anti-Israel lawmaker George Galloway—over his anti-Semitic views. The UK’s Sunday Telegraph published an exposé in December 2014 that found Hussain was still an active judge in the British court system despite the knowledge of his publicly expressed anti-Semitism.

“We commend the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office for its ruling that anti-Semitism must be treated with zero tolerance, our only regret being the protracted nature of this investigation,” Jonathan Sacerdoti, CAA’s director of communications, said Thursday.


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