During an Israeli Independence Day aerial show, the IAF will be joined by fighter planes from Greece and Italy, and other aircraft from Poland, Canada, England, and Austria.

By: United with Israel Staff

Among the exciting events in the works to celebrate Israel’s 70th Independence Day is an Israel Air Force (IAF) aerial show featuring a collection of aircraft from the IAF, the fire-fighting unit, Israeli Police, and Israeli commercial airlines. The IAF will also be joined by their allies in the IAF aerial show, which will feature fighter planes from Greece and Italy, and cargo aircraft from England, Poland, Canada, and Austria.

The IDF’s Paratroopers Brigade will also parachute into the event, landing on beaches in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and the Sea of Galilee. During the aerial show, the IAF will open its main bases to the public to view exhibitions and other attractions.

The IAF display will pass over 40 cities from the northernmost point of Israel in Kiryat Shmona to the southernmost point in Eilat. Dozens of IAF aircraft will soar in the display, including attack-helicopters, fighter jets, and other aircraft.

Additionally, a Naval fleet with submarines, a naval helicopter, and elite commando vessels from the Shayetet 13 unit, will also sail along the Mediterranean coast. The Naval expedition will progress from Haifa to Tel Aviv, and will conclude in Ashkelon, with vessels slated to hug the coast so that Israelis and tourists can view the event from the country’s beaches.

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Source: United with Israel