Boston: Anti-Trump Protesters Hold Pagan Ritual: Eat ‘President’s Heart’

An Antifa protest in Boston on Sunday took a disturbingly bizarre twist as protesters burned a US flag while others called out the name of a pagan Hindu god, acting out a pagan ritual human sacrifice, culminating in one protester covering himself in blood and eating a heart.

Weekend of Boston Protests

On Sunday, Boston was full of at least 1,000 protesters, pitting pro-Trump protesters against anti-Trump protesters. The pro-Trump protest was oprganized by Super Happy Fun America, a self-described “right of center civil rights organization focusing on defending the American Constitution, opposing gender madness and defeating cultural Marxism.” The stated purpose of the protest was to decry “Democratic violence.” 

“We will peacefully demonstrate with speeches and patriotic banners in order to send a message that our group will not be intimidated into silence by the leftist mob,” organizers wrote on Facebook. 

At least three counter protests were scheduled in response to SHFA’s event. 

“We must not allow racists [to] come to our city to spew negativity and hatred,” the group wrote. Another group called for a protest to counter the “fascists.”

SHFA was established in 2019 to hold counter rallies protesting gay-parades. The3 organization is frequently mislabelled by the media as being associated with white nationalism because it rejects Marxism.

“‘Super Happy Fascist America’ is one of the white supremacist MAGA – thug groups spawned by this regime, the group wrote on its Facebook invitiation. As part of mobilizing people to drive Trump/Pence from power, we ar (SIC) joining with others to counter this fascist rally.

At the end of the SHFA protest, the police escorted them away while at least two anti-Trump protesters were arrested after clashing with police.


Anti-Trump protesters were seen burning a poster of Trump’s likeness in effigy and others burned flags.

Protest Culminates in Anti-Trump Pagan Sacrifice

But the anti-Trump political protest transformed into a pagan ritual as one participant announced  that they will perform a ritual to “purge” the United States. 

“I was raped by Donald Trump,” the female protester said into a megaphone. “On behalf of all the women whose [garbled] I am here to do a ritual to make sure his filthy paws don’t touch our beautiful country anymore.”

Another participant, dressed up in a parody of the president with a red MAGA hat and yellow wig, said, “I am Donald J. Trump. And while I am evil, I am no more evil than all these boot-licking politicians out here today. All these **** out here today worship me like a god. So I stand here as a sacrifice for what is right.”

The first participant then pulled a bloody heart (presumably that of an animal) from the front of the faux Trump’s shirt, raised it into the air and proclaimed “Kali maa.”

Kali is a female god in the Hindu pantheon worshipped throughout India and Nepal. Though seen as the divine protector and the one who bestows moksha, or liberation, she is, like many of the main Hindu deities,  associated with blood and death. Kali is seen as the bloodthirsty embodiment of destruction, and the ultimate protector against evil.

The Trump impersonator fell to the ground after which posters of the president were burned. Another protester picked up the discarded heart, holding it over his face and squeezing out blood onto his face. He then took bites out of the raw heart, screaming. “I’m on fire!  Kali Ma!”


A bystander exclaimed, “He really is on fire,” but the leader responded, “It’s okay, we do this all the time.”

The original participant then recited, “May the chaos gods, hear our cries.”

The group then chanted, “Praise the chaos gods.”

Kali Maa-Amalek-Kamala

Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum, director of the Azamra Institute, made a truly astounding connection.

“It is not a coincidence that they were calling out to Kali Ma,” Rabbi Greenbaum said. “In Hebrew, the letters are קל מע. They can be rearranged to spell Amalek, the perennial enemy of Israel. The letters can also be arranged to spell Kamala, the vice presidential candidate for the Democratic party.”

“Amalek’s entire being was focused on erasing any knowledge of Hashem (God, literally ‘the name’),” Rabbi Greenbaum said. “IThis was accomplished in any manner possible, whether it was witchcraft, idolatry, depravity.”

“In kabbalistic terms, the left is associated with tzimtzum (contraction) which is gvura (judgment). Kabbalah speaks about the fake kindness of the evil inclination that comes from the left side. This was personified by Korach who tried to make the extreme left mainstream, which is what is happening today.”

Rabbi Greenbaum emphasized that it is best not to speak the names of pagan Gods too frequently as this gives strength to the side of impurity.

“Idolatry and paganism have always been a part of the culture of the secular elite, from ancient times until now,” Rabbi Greenbaum said. “What we are seeing is idolatry trickling down to the populace.”

Rabbi Greenbaum noted that abortion as part of the Democratic party platform was a modern manifestation of child sacrifice not far removed from its pagan roots. Idolatrous practices included wanton sexuality that inevitably resulted in unwanted pregnancies and the solution was to offer the resulting babies up to the pagan gods. The rabbi also noted a resurgence in the sexualization of children, another pagan practice that is being revealed as part of the culture of the secular elite connected to Jeffrey Epstein.

“The left wing is not avoda zara (idolatry) like we see it in the Bible,” Rabbi Greenbaum said. “In the name of plurality, they bring together a conglomeration of all the false beliefs; Wicca, satanism, whatever is popular.”

Rabbi Greenbaum noted that the Satanic Temple, which claims to be a nontheistic group, is growing in popularity because it presents itself as an advocate for secular causes, most notably abortion. 

Left-Wing Racism

Not only was the event bizarre but the Hindu community perceived it as cultural appropriation and racist. 

“The whole incident appears to be a remarkable demonstration of Hinduphobia and the individuals here do not come across as people with control of their mental faculties,” OpIndia wrote. “They are clearly using Goddess Kali to justify their own antisocial behaviour. In the process, they are insulting the faith and religious sentiments of Hindus with impunity.”

“The spectacle further demonstrates that they are utterly ignorant and have no knowledge of Goddess Kali but are merely using her divinity as a prop to cover their own inadequacies,’ the article continued. “Antifa has been engaging in such antisocial behaviour for months now with rioting and looting across cities in the USA while Democrats continue their silence over the chaos they have unleashed.”


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