[BLOG] Together We Can Bring Peace

marshall al saadi

Israel has been a religious and political challenge for 3000 years. The city Jerusalem has known almost no peace since its ancient times. Instead, she has become a symbol of ongoing conflicts and war.

Throughout history, there were few fragile stalemates, but they always gave way to new hostilities.

Many throw around their own perspective about the subject. But it’s been proven that however sincere, they speak from ignorance and without facts. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE don’t understand, and in fact almost none even care about the Jewish unique vision of modern day Israel.

Personally, I believe in Isaiah’s vision regarding the Third Holy Temple, “For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” (Isaiah 56:7).

Dear Rabbis and Dear Prime Minister of Israel,

Despite countless efforts, many people have failed to reach a peace deal with Israel. Clinton tried and failed; President Obama stated this was one of his great goals in his presidency but nothing happened. Now Trump is making statements such as, “I would love to see a deal be made between Israel and the Palestinians. It’s probably the hardest negotiation there is.”

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When we are dealing with the complexity of the Middle East, people like Trump don’t have the knowledge or the wisdom to implement and carry out such efforts. An effort such as this would take an educated and well-qualified individual to ensure there is no two state solution to this current conflict.

With my own dedication and willful conduct, I believe we will see Israel shining, a light to all nations. I will assist the effort to rebuild the Third Temple and achieve peace in the world.

On the spiritual level, I endorse Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky’s vision that the coming of Messiah is imminent. My efforts consist of bringing peace to the Middle East and to pave the road for more Jewish people to come home and live in peace.

I know it’s an emotional and highly charged subject to the Jewish people, but I believe with your attention and teamwork we can make something great happen.

Until then, I’m greeting you with great sincerity.

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