[BLOG] The New Kristallnacht

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It seems unstoppable; inevitable.  Each generation takes its turn at bat.  The rhetoric is surprisingly similar, if not exact, to the previous attempt to delegitimize and remove not only the State of Israel, but the Jewish people from the map of the earth.  The game is the same, the procedures and events follow the same sequence as the prior inning.  The only changes are the names on the player roster.

Kristallnacht, known as the Night of Broken Glass, an uprising in Germany on November 9th, 1938, has been considered by many historians as the beginning of the Holocaust.  Actually, the stage had been set for this event prior to 1933.  The steady program of anti-Semitic rhetoric began preparing the masses to do things that they normally wouldn’t do.  The deportation of “well to do“ young Jewish men had begun.  The nations had given the “Play Ball” cry at the Èvian Conference by disallowing immigration.  All that was lacking was an excuse.

Forgetting the truth of history presents a great danger.  The repetition of an untruth is the method used to cause an historical distortion to become a believable fact.  None of us are immune to this seduction.  Only the research of history will protect us from a warped view of current circumstances.  The respect for history gives us the umpire’s face mask and breast pad.  The knowledge of the past gives us the courage and clarity to judge the pitch as it rapidly approaches.  Is the ball true and over the plate, or is it off course?

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Today we are in the bottom of the 9th inning.  Since 2005, the growing pogrom of BDS has defamed and suppressed Israeli businesses, hoping to achieve the long sought-after goal of removing Israel from the world economy.  Jewish speakers are being “disinvited” to speak on our college campuses.   Anti-Semitic artwork and slogans remain unchecked.  How is a label on Israeli products different than a yellow Magen David or a broken storefront glass?  History is revised and changed to support terrorism and anarchy.  Once again, the world economic crisis is taught as being the result of Jewish control.  

We must not allow ourselves to repeat the sequential events of the 8th inning.  This time there are 2 outs and the count is 3 and 2; the bases are loaded with long range missiles, chemical weapons and a generation that is desensitized to killing.

This is a World Series championship game.  Before the last pitch is thrown, I urge good people everywhere to consider the course.  I challenge religious and community leaders to reread Genesis 12:3.  We must replace the illegal bat wielded by the media with a true and honest one.

A home run will bring depravity and the death that comes with it.  A strike will end the game and allow us time to teach our children the truth of prehistory as spoken by the prophets and the proof of the prophets through lessons of truth taught by history.

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