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Before He was known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Creator of Heaven and Earth established basic principles for His humanity to follow and when they didn’t adhere to these ways, there were consequences surrounded by love.

Today, there are growing areas of love between peoples and religions in the midst of the growing darkness. But if that love isn’t founded on the one true God of Israel is that love amiss?

When God established His covenant with Abraham as the father of many nations it wasn’t just an internalized covenant, but it was demonstrated by the act of circumcision.  Fast forward past the reunification of the 12 sons of Jacob and when Moses received the commandments from the loving God of Israel there was the inward condition of the heart and the blessings and curses of following the Creator.  God even told them to not only circumcise their flesh but their heart (Deuteronomy 10:16 & 30:6). As Israel disobeyed and was sent into exile there was the call to amend their ways and return to the love of the God of Israel over idolatrous ways.

A great example of the love of God is from Ezekiel 18 when He expresses that if the wicked man turns from his wickedness and does right according to the ways of God that he shall live. Even beyond that in the same chapter God says He takes no pleasure in the death of any soul.

With this pattern with Adam and Eve and then the nation of Israel with instructions for life and blessings and curses for the response to obeying God, there is a consistent theme that rings true when God says that He does not change.

There is a consistency when God tells Israel that they must be holy as He is holy (Leviticus 20:26) and to not mix with the idolatrous worship and practices of the heathen, aka pagan, Gentile, nations (Deuteronomy 12:30).

God’s 12-tribed nation of Israel was supposed to be a peculiar people that didn’t merge the profane with the holy, that didn’t mix pagan ritual with worship of the Creator of the universe. So with these guidelines for the love of God that starts from the heart and then manifests with action to His unchanging way, it should be noted that David, Abraham, Moses and other major Israelites throughout history understood this and savored the blessings and noted the consequences of disobedience. They understood that God expected His people to be peculiar like He is a peculiar God from the rest of the nations (aka pagan, heathen or Gentile) gods.

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So with this foundation of love, blessings and curses with the unchanging God and His unchanging ways, why today do we find a mixture of so-called love resulting in the mixture of religions who worship gods, statues and practices acts that are so diametrically opposed to the simple and holy Way that the God of Israel outlined?

How can people join together and say they all pray to the same god, but they have different ways of living and outwardly practice ways of “love” that are not love as the way the Scriptures define the true love from the God of Israel?

What has happened in the past when God’s people mix with unholy ways? Curse and separation from the true God, along with blindness and deception that in the end leads to destruction. Unfortunately as the ecumenical movement of saying all religions are praying to the same god continues to gain steam as evidenced from recent news like “Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network”, the true holy, peculiar love of the God of Israel is cast aside for the “love” of this new movement that thinks by tossing aside the Creator’s guidelines that it will be able to solve world peace.

Jeremiah is an example of when God’s holy Way was abandoned and judgment had been decreed that the false prophets spread their false love to try and calm fears of judgment.  History can tell us what happened there.

Or when the Kingdom of Israel split, how the same spirit of idolatry was used to lead to the exile of the Northern kingdom when Jeroboam decided to make golden calves and use the same exact language that was used in the wilderness when God’s 10 commandments were given when the original golden calf was built, “This is your god(s) who brought you out of the land of Egypt”. That sentence actually was a way for the Israelites to be mixed in among the nations as Hosea says back into Egypt/Assyria not to be fully unified as a kingdom under David until Ephraim cleanses itself from idolatry and gets back to basics at the end of days as many prophetic Scriptures communicate.

When looking at the blessings and curses outlined in Deuteronomy, it is hard not to see the diseases, terror and other consequences of disobedience in chapter 28 as what is driving people today, especially some of those that call upon the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to accept a love counter to His that is mixed with idolatrous ways. It is an oxymoron like “behold these are the gods that brought thee out of Egypt”.

As I write this series about the family of God, I will attempt to tie into current events affecting Israel and the nations, with a particular focus geared towards the peoples that pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel who said His covenant with Israel will not disappear as long as there is heaven and earth.

May those that belong to the family of the God of Israel, not the gods of the new love spreading to solve the problems plaguing the world today which sound similar to the consequences of Israel living like Gentiles, remember what the loving God says after the curses to His people Israel including the 12 tribes and any strangers that wanted to follow His ways.

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