[BLOG] Decoded Messages from God

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Usually when someone claims to have decoded divine messages, that person is either misguided or delusional.

However, over the last seven years, by using an ancient mathematical technique in a new way, I’ve decoded thousands of messages hidden in the Bible, each one powerful and profound.

Anyone with a basic understanding of Hebrew can reproduce and verify my results, without the use of a computer. There is no doubt the messages exist. The only question now is their source: were they actually embedded by God or are they merely a numerical coincidence?

I’ve devised an original technique using Gematria, the 3,200-year-old practice of assigning numbers to Hebrew letters in order to convert Hebrew text into numbers. When two words or phrases have the same numerical value it reveals a hidden relationship between them that teaches us new meanings and associations.

For example, the first word in the Bible, translated as “In the beginning” (Beraishis in Hebrew), has a numerical value of 913; and a phrase from the Book of Leviticus, “Do no wrong” (Lo ta-asu avel), has the identical value. This reveals a hidden relationship between the two phrases that suggests, intrinsic to the creation of the world, the command to do no wrong has primary importance.

Traditional Gematria converts the Hebrew word for peace, Shalom, into its numerical value of 376. My work goes one step further. I use 376 to generate the three specific and unique letters that correspond exactly to 300, to 70, and to 6. This new set of Hebrew letters can be used to spell multiple words, each one interpreted as a divine message referring to peace.

For example, the new letters can be used to spell the Hebrew word for “make” (Asu), interpreted as the divine directive “to make peace.” However, rearrange these letters and they spell “Shall cry out” (Shiva), interpreted as the divine warning for what will happen if you don’t make peace. Hence, by using my new technique we learn that embedded within the Hebrew word for “peace” is the message: “Make peace or you will cry out.”

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After decoding thousands of hidden messages, I’ve uncovered a pattern that seems to prove that God created the world with numbers. When any Hebrew word or phrase, either biblical or modern in origin, is converted into a number, that number represents a specific theme, topic, or event.

For example, every Hebrew word or phrase with a numerical value of 911 refers to the events of 9/11. This includes references to the holiness of the victims, descriptions of the attackers, and a prediction of the ultimate outcome. For instance, the literal translation of a phrase from the book of Genesis 23:20, “By the men of terror” (May-ate bnay chet), has a numerical value of 911.

Here are some more findings.

Embedded within the Hebrew word for Bible, Torah, is the message “My Website” (Atari in Hebrew). This is interpreted as “God’s Website is the Torah.” Remember, the word Torah was transcribed over 3,200 years ago. Who could have known then that there would be websites, much less what term would be used to describe them?

A phrase from the Book of Deuteronomy (18:13), “To be with God” (Ti-he-yeh Im Adoshem), generates the message “Repair [the world]” (Tikkun). This reveals that the secret to being with God is to do the work of repairing the world through acts of kindness and compassion. But rearrange the letters of Tikkun and they spell “You shall be cut off” (No-take), revealing the warning that if you don’t do the work of Tikkun, you will feel cut off from God. Rearrange the letters yet again, and they spell “You shall purchase” (Tiknu). This reveals that the impulse to purchase material things is actually an attempt to compensate for feeling disconnected and removed from God.

My new technique can also reveal the hidden messages embedded within modern Hebrew words such as “Karma,” a term from the Hindu religion, only recently added to the Hebrew dictionary (pronounced the same as in English but spelled with Hebrew letters). The numerical value of “Karma” generates the message “The Name [of God]” (Hashem), suggesting that beneath the karmic forces of the world is The Name of God.

Within the word “food” (Ochel) is the message “to nourish” (Zan), and within the word “candelabra” (Menorah) is the message “fire” (Aish).

Chapters 14 and 15 of the book of Exodus describe the miracle of the parting of the sea, recounting that Pharaoh’s chariots “sunk to the bottom” of the sea (Yardu B’mtzolote), and that the Children of Israel safely crossed. Embedded within the phrase “sunk to the bottom” is the message “You should search for” (T’cha-pace). This can be interpreted as a divine suggestion to search the bottom of the Red Sea (biblically “Reed Sea”) for the swords, helmets, and chariots of Pharaoh’s drowned army, to prove that the most amazing miracle in the Bible actually occurred.

The consistency, beauty, and power of these messages, and tens of thousands of others, strongly suggest that a divine intelligence deliberately encoded them.

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