Bishop Robert Stearns Receives 2024 Jerusalem Award

Bishop Robert Stearns Receives 2024 Jerusalem Award

Bishop Robert Stearns of Eagles’ Wings Ministries has been honored as the 2024 recipient of the Jerusalem Award. During his visit to the Friends of Zion Heritage Center and Museum (FOZ) in Jerusalem, Stearns dedicated the award to the memory of Arnon Zmora, an Israeli soldier who succumbed to wounds sustained during the rescue operation of four Israeli hostages.

The Jerusalem Award is reserved for Christian leaders who have a special bond with Jerusalem. In his acceptance speech, Stearns expressed his gratitude, “I am honored to receive this prestigious award and to join the story of Christian Friends of Zion. I will cherish and treasure this award, and I dedicate it to the memory of our hero, Arnon Zmora, z”l. Zmora is the soldier who passed away from wounds suffered in the rescue operation of the four Israeli hostages. All Israel is rejoicing at the rescue of the four hostages, even as we pray for the freedom of those still in captivity. But as Israel rejoices, the Zmora family weeps. I dedicate this award to the honor of Arnon Zmora.”

Stearns continued, “I dream of the day when there are thousands upon thousands of Christian leaders worldwide who will form a functional wall of support and strength to the Jewish people, saying, ‘We will not be silent!’ That they will say as Ruth to Naomi, ‘Where you go we will go, where you lodge we will lodge. Your people will be our people. Your God will be our God.’”

He also elaborated on the purpose of the delegation, stating, “One of our core strategic missions is to identify emerging Evangelical pastors and provide them a memorable experience in the Holy Land, where they engage directly with the Jewish people, immersing themselves in their stories first-hand rather than as mere headlines. It combats the media myths and misconceptions.”

The Jerusalem Award was presented to Stearns in recognition of his relentless efforts to enhance understanding and friendship between Israel and the Christian community. For the past 30 years, Stearns has become a vital bridge in the global Jewish-Christian conversation. He teaches Christians the importance of the Jewish roots of their faith, the necessity of combating anti-Semitism, and the profound need for Christians to stand with the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

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