Biotechnical Company Successfully Transplants Lab-Grown Bone Graft

bone transplant

BioGroup,an Israeli biotechnical company, carried out an “overwhelmingly” successful clinical trial involving bone transplantation.

An Israeli biotechnical company recently announced a successful outcome in its first clinical trial in the reconstruction of missing bone tissue.

Dr. Ephraim Tzur, who served as principal investigator in the trial and performed all procedures, delivered a presentation last month during the 18th International Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Madrid, Spain, where he discussed the “overwhelming success” in the reconstruction of missing bone tissues in all participating subjects.

The procedure, developed by Haifa-based Bonus BioGroup, was completely safe. Eleven men and women, 57 years of age on average, underwent transplantation; none experienced adverse reactions or unusual symptoms.

“The injectable bone graft is produced in the company’s manufacturing facility in Haifa, and is based on various cell types isolated from a fat sample collected from each subject,” the company’s website explains. “This population of cell types is cultivated in controlled sterile conditions on a three-dimensional scaffold. The cells and the scaffold create a construct capable of generating live human bone graft.”

Within three weeks of transplantation, all bone voids were filled with newly formed bone mass, the company reports.

By: United with Israel Staff

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Source: United with Israel