Big Tech Censorship: ‘Part of War of Gog and Magog’ says Rabbi

Censorship in the Wake of the DC Protests

Censorship has become a hot-button issue in the wake of the protests in Washington D.C. last week. In a move that many considered extreme, Twitter permanently banned the US President and Facebook followed suit, banning Trump “indefinitely.”  YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit and others have blocked, labeled or deleted posts or accounts over the last several days. Twitter also blocked Gen. Michael Flynn and Facebook removed the page of the Walkaway campaign of former liberals who are now advocates for the conservative movement. 

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said the social media giant was acting in a manner that was characteristic of Communist China. 


This sentiment was echoed by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) who tweeted, “What happened on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol is as wrong as wrong can be, but canceling conservative speech will not promote ‘unity and healing.’”

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz warned: “Big tech tyranny is playing out before our very eyes.”

In contrast, many Democrats are calling for even more censorship.  Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) said Thursday the steps taken by Facebook and Twitter were “too late and not nearly enough” to curb the problem. Former first lady Michelle Obama called on Silicon Valley companies to “stop enabling this monstrous behavior,” permanently ban Trump, and create policies to prevent technology from “being used by the nation’s leader to fuel insurrection.” 

Ironically, other world leaders who are substantially more egregious than the admittedly bombastic Trump are permitted to post freely on social media as long as they do not make comments that run contrary to social media’s left-wing agenda. Twitter has been frequently criticized for allowing Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to call for genocide against Israel, a recent post of his was removed for casting aspersions on the COVID vaccine. 

As the social media tech giants are private companies and are, as such, free to choose what they post, angry users are free to express their displeasure by leaving and taking their business elsewhere. But even this freedom is being infringed upon as Amazon informed Parler, a platform similar to Facebook but with fewer restrictions and no left-wing bias, that they will be suspending their web hosting on Sunday. Unless Parler can find an alternative hosting company willing to take its business, the site will no longer be able to function after 11:59 pm Pacific time on Sunday. Google and Apple removed the app from their stores so it can no longer be downloaded. On Friday, before the move, Parler was ranked number one in the number of downloads.

Big-Tech CEOs: Modern Day Pharoahs

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a  prolific end-of-days author, noted that this process of adhering to one side of an issue absolutely has its roots in the Bible. 

“This is how Pharoah went about hardening his heart,” Rabbi Winston said. “Pharaoh’s heart had to be hard enough to be able to deny the existence of God.”

“Control of the media is how the liberals control the masses,” Rabbi Winston said. “That is an aspect of Pharaoh denying God. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, are arrogant, seeing themselves in precisely the way Pharoah saw himself; standing in the place of God, the source of truth and knowledge. They believe they are doing the best thing possible for society so they allow themselves to take away the freedom of thought. Unfortunately, any of the justice these people sought is now buried under a desire for vengeance and twisted by arrogance. They do not believe in true and false or even right and wrong. They only believe in themselves.”

“But they have taken God out of the picture and see themselves as the ultimate arbiter of good. So their message is trying to convince people that there is no God, trying to take away their God-given free will by controlling their thoughts.”

“Since it is an anti-God agenda, this is one of the aspects of the War of Gog and Magog, which is a war against God,” Rabbi Winston said. “This is the end of the United States as we knew it. It may come through this but it will change drastically. But going against God has always ended in failure. Hashem is in charge of the world and the end is clear. The problem is that these people can do a lot of damage in the meantime.”

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