Biden tries to quote Psalms: Doesn’t know how to Pronounce the word ‘Psalms’

Known for his seemingly inadvertent gaffes, former Vice President Joe Biden gave a Thanksgiving address on Wednesday. But this time he tried to quote a book of the Bible without realizing how to pronounce the name of that very book.

Claiming to be a devout Catholic, Biden seemingly didn’t know how to pronounce the word ‘Psalms.’ saying: “And if we do, and I’m sure we can, we can proclaim the PALMIST, with the PALMIST who wrote these following words, ‘The Lord is my strength and my shield…’”

Biden was referring to Psalms 28:7:

Hashem is my strength and my shield (Psalms 28:7)

The “PALMIST who wrote” those words was of course – King David

. In his prepared remarks, Biden appears to be reading off of a teleprompter


Biden‘s latest gaffe is significant because the mainstream press exploded in 2016 when then  presidential hopeful Donald Trump mistakenly referred to 2 Corinthians 3:17 as “Two Corinthians” rather than saying “Second Corinthians.”

Mainstream media outlets that latched onto Trump’s gaffe included The New York TimesPoliticoThe AtlanticCNNNPR, and The Washington Post. None of those publications seem to be all to eager to report on Biden’s latest flub.


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