Bibi packs up to leave Prime Minister’s residence

Though Benjamin Netanyahu is still serving in the Knesset as the leader of the opposition, Naftali Bennett will be moving into the Prime Minister’s residence. Meyer Habib, a Tunisian-Jewish Israeli politician a member of the French National Assembly,  visited with the Netanyahus and was on hand to witness the domestic process behind the political transition. In one week, the Netanyahu’s will be vacating the official residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem and moving into their personal residence in Caesaria by July 10.


“We talked about the health situation in Israel and in the world as well as the new Israeli political landscape, the political situation in France which interests him a lot,” Habib wrote. “But also the 4 peace agreements he has signed with Arab states and the hopes they arouse, as well as the rise of a new anti-Semitism around the world.”

“His number one concern remains Iran! This is the most dangerous enemy for Israel and the Western world, against whom he fought all his political life, remains the first danger in his eyes.”

” If he had wanted, Benjamin Netanyahu could have been enriched himself in the private sector – like Barak Obama who gets paid $ 400,000 for a speech, but Netanyahu does not want it: the love of his people and his country is much stronger.”

“I saw a strong man, worthy, without anger or resentment, but always determined to bring his strength and his contribution to the march of the world and to the destiny of Israel – to whom he has dedicated his life since the death of his brother Yoni, whose 45th anniversary is commemorated in Entebbe on July 4th. He was the leader of this country for 15 years, and even in the last election, the people of Israel continued to place him well ahead with 30 seats.”

“His experience is unique! Some love him, adulate him, others hate him, but no one remains indifferent to his strength, his charisma, his intelligence. For this exceptional statesman, his life’s mission is the defense and success of his country.”

“Thanks, Bibi!”

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