Right before his corruption trial, Benjamin Netanyahu met with a group of Holocaust survivors who offered him their support prior to standing before a judge. “We have come to support you during these difficult days. And to bring you good energy” one of the survivors told him.

Another one said “we’re praying for you!” Netanyahu was brought to tears by their sentiments.

Another Holocaust survivor quoted Deuteronomy 17:7:

and the hands of the rest of the people thereafter. Thus you will sweep out evil from your midst. (Deuteronomy 17:7)

Others showered praise and proclaimed his innocence. A teary-eyed Netanyahu thanked the survivors and told them how important they were to him.

The survivors were all wearing protective face masks. And there’s a good chance that those masks were donated by the Israel365 Charity Fund.

That’s because in the beginning months before the coronavirus crisis, the Israel365 Charity Fund for Holocaust Survivors began working closely with Melebev, an Israeli organization that specializes in caring for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Initial services included delivering food on a daily basis and providing specialized Alzheimer’s therapy.

When survivors became unable to leave their homes, the Israel365 Charity Fund worked with Melabev to provide home visitations. Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz explained how crucial those home therapy sessions were. “In addition to the therapeutic benefits, we have seen that [our home visits] have saved lives.” He recounted a case where one of the therapists came into the home of an elderly survivor and noticed blood on the floor. She immediately called the paramedics and the Holocaust survivor was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors were able to stop the bleeding and save her life.

As the coronavirus guidelines became even more restrictive, home visits were considered too risky. So the Israel365 Charity Fund pivoted and began offering therapy sessions over the internet.

Obviously, this raised new challenges, since not all Holocaust survivors even have internet access, let alone familiarity with video-conferencing. Where possible, Israel365 has been relying on caregivers to manage the technology and help facilitate the virtual therapy sessions.

The unique challenges facing Holocaust survivors, especially at this time, resonate with Israel365’s Christian donors. “Israel365 donors have been extremely generous recently, helping the Holocaust survivors who are battling corona and who are isolated at home. It’s so heartwarming that Christians are standing with the people of Israel at this difficult moment,” he commented.

Your generous donation to the Israel365 Charity Fund Holocaust survivor campaign can help alleviate the need for such devistating decisions.

Source: Israel in the News