Beef Jerky for the IDF

Napoleon Bonaparte is often credited with the quote, “An Army marches on its stomach.” With that, he acknowledged that food is one of the most essential elements of survival. A group of Israelis is working hard to make sure that IDF soldiers have protein-packed snacks in their pockets to ensure they can continue to be strong.

Tsivya Fox-Dobuler told the story of this homegrown effort.

“Almost immediately after the war broke out, someone posted on a Facebook group for parents of soldiers that her son was subsisting on three cans of tuna a day,” Fox-Dobuler told Israel365 News. “I reached out to a friend of mine who makes beef jerky as a hobby.”

He wanted to help but gearing up to provide substantial amounts of the salt-cured beef product required new equipment. Fox-Dobuler set about raising funds to acquire the equipment. As the word got out, several other beef jerky hobbyists stepped forward and offered to join in. Three beef jerky “chefs” aided by 120 volunteers are working around the clock to provide 1000 beef snacks for the troops. But even this is not enough as the organization is constantly receiving calls from parents and soldiers.

While beef jerky is a specialty food, it is ideally suited for active-duty soldiers. It is high in protein and needs no refrigeration. A concentrated food product, it can be carried in a soldier’s pocket or even in his webbing. Similar initiatives have provided beef jerky for US troops serving overseas. 

The beef jerky is, of course, kosher.

“We printed the blessing on the wrapper and we are finding out that a lot of soldiers who are not religious are so grateful that they are blessing over their food for the first time in their lives,” Dobuler-Fox said.

You can help provide beef jerky to the IDF troops at the Causematch website.

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