Africa for Palestine

The anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement in South Africa, renamed “Africa for Palestine,” wraps the Palestinian headscarf over the entire African continent in a new logo.

By David E. Kaplan, Lay of the Land

In the midst of the global Coronavirus crisis, BDS South Africa in its online newsletter dated March 20, announced that following consultations with several of its partners “in South Africa and on the African continent,” that the organisation will henceforth function under the name “Africa for Palestine (AFP).”

While Africa is focused on protecting its populations from a killer virus, BDS South Africa is promoting and facilitating another kind of killer virus –  anti-Semitism, but now not only in South Africa but across the African continent.

Such is the ambition of BDS South Africa – excuse me, Africa for Palestine!!!

With the African continent joining the world in trying to protect and save lives, BDS South Africa is moving in the opposite diabolical direction. What’s more, it brazenly does not disguise its nefarious intent as emblazoned in its new logo, with the entire continent of Africa enveloped by a  Palestinian keffiyeh.

Does Africa really want to be branded by the headdress popularized by the likes of the late Yasser Arafat and the airline hijacker, Leila Khaled, the female member of the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine?

Of course not.

Who can forget the photographs of Khaled wearing the keffiyeh circulated in the Western newspapers after the hijacking of TWA Flight 840 and the Dawson’s Field hijackings.

In a continent committed to a better future of science, technology and innovation, branding with yesteryear’s terrorism is not the way to go.

Does BDS South Africa really believe that continent is gullible to this attempted “Hostile Takeover” as they graphically articulate in its new spine-chilling logo? The people of Africa will see through this façade of deception.

Exploiting the Coronavirus

Coronavirus does not distinguish between nations and religions, between Jews and Arabs, and yet BDS South Africa is diabolically and deceptively exploiting the virus to fan anti-Semitism and defame the Jewish state with fabrications.

Since March 19, 2020:

– the Israeli government has sent hundreds of coronavirus testing kits to the Palestinian Authority and Gaza as well as 2,000 protective suits and twenty tons of disinfectants and 100 liters of sanitizing gel

– Israeli doctors and specialists have been dispatched to the West Bank city of Jericho to train Palestinian medical teams to save lives in combating the coronavirus pandemic

– Palestinian Authority officials Ahmed Deek and Hussein al Sheikh – responsible for cooperation between the PA and Israel – praised Israel’s assistance, particularly the Israeli government’s honoring of the PA’s request to provide accommodations in Israel for 45,000 Palestinian worker-commuters from the West Bank to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, and

– The UN Security Council issuing a formal statement welcoming Israeli Palestinian cooperation against Corona stating that it “provided a blueprint for renewed peace talks” none of these Israeli measures had any impact on BDS South Africa’s leadership who proceeded to serve its regular platter of conspiratorial accusations against Israel, as part of its 2020 annual “Israel Apartheid Week.”

Yet on March 19, when Israel announced it was considering a complete lockdown over coronavirus, BDS South Africa’s founder Mohammed Desai charged Israel with refusing to issue vital life-saving instructions in Arabic to Arabic speaking citizens and residents of the Jewish state.

Desai’s accusation was immediately revealed as false on South African national television by the TV debate’s other guest, Israeli Arab, Yoseph Haddad, who called Desai a “liar”.

Said Hadad:

“As an Arab Israeli, I got the instructions in Arabic; so stop lying!”

He then proceeded to ask the founder of BDS South Africa, who advocates boycotts of Israel whether he would himself boycott Israel in the following scenario:

“Israel today is working on a vaccine for Coronavirus. Should it discover a vaccine, would you use it?”

Mumbling and digressing in trying to dodge the question, Haddad persisted for an answer: “Would you use it – Yes or No. The question is simple.”

The BDS South Africa head refused to answer and then concluded with this disgusting yet revealing comment:  “Israel’s expertise should not be used as an exercise of blackmail.”

He knew he had been exposed as the fraud he is, as is the organisation he founded and heads, and now seeks to re-brand or disguise!

There is also no “disguising” the true Mohammed Desai when one takes a closer at the print on the white T-shirt he wore for this debate on national TV’s prime time:

Beneath the large colorful Google logo, appears the Search Box with Israel typed in and then the question: “Did you mean Palestine?”

For BDS South Africa’s founder – there is no partnership, no coexistence, no Jewish State; there is no Israel!

A Reptile by Another Name

All this finally begs the question: Why has BDS South Africa changed its name to the preposterous and presumptuous ‘Africa for Palestine’?

The answer lies not in any success, but due to its failure.

BDS South Africa is rebranding because its hateful and hurtful message no longer resonates with most of thepeople of South Africa.

Rather than a rose, the newly morphed BDS South Africa is a reptile by another name.

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Source: United with Israel