Austria’s oldest Holocaust survivor died on Thursday at the age of 106, announced Vienna’s Jewish Community organization, or IKG, on Friday.

Marko Feingold was born in 1913 in present-day Slovakia and was arrested in Prague in 1939. He survived Auschwitz in Poland, and in Germany, Neuengamme, Dachau and Buchenwald.

He spoke, especially to schoolchildren, about his experiences in the Shoah until the end of his life, reported AFP.

“I must have spoken to around half a million people, all in all,” Feingold told the outlet in a 2018 interview, adding that in Auschwitz he pledged that he would tell what transpired.

He was liberated from Buchenwald by U.S. forces in May 1945. Afterwards, he discovered that his father and siblings didn’t survive.

Feingold settled in Salzburg and founded what ended up being a successful clothing store, reported AFP.

The cause of death was a lung infection.

Source: Israel in the News