After shouting “Allahu Akhbar” (Allah is greater) and pelting one resident with rocks, a Palestinian armed went on a rampage in the Judea town of Tekoa on Sunday morning. He entered the community and grabbed a metal sculpture from a garden rushed one resident who was armed. With the help of two other men, the terrorist was subdued.

No shots were fired and no one, including the terrorist, was injured in the incident but the residents were warned to stay in their houses as security forces scanned the area to ensure there were no more terrorists.

The attack came while children were lining up to begin their first day of school after Summer vacation.

Founded in 1977, Tekoa currently has a population of close to 4,000 residents. Ten miles south of Jerusalem, it is located adjacent to Herodion, the site of a palace built into a mountaintop by King Herod.

Tekoa has been the target of three separate terror attacks that have claimed the lives of five Israelis. In May 2001, two Israeli boys from Tekoa were attacked outside of the community and their bodies mutilated. The terrorists were never apprehended. 

Source: Israel in the News