At least 25 anti-Israel protesters arrested at UCLA

At least 25 anti-Israel protesters arrested at UCLA

The student protesters had set up an “unlawful encampment” on campus, complete with “wooden shields and water-filled barriers,” according to police.

Some 25 anti-Israel protesters were arrested on Monday at the University of California, Los Angeles, after setting up an “unauthorized and unlawful encampment” on campus.

About 100 UCLA students marched on campus around 3:15 p.m. and set up “and set up…tents, canopies, wooden shields, and water-filled barriers,” the public university’s police department stated.

The students violated university policy by blocking access to parts of campus, and used “amplified sound” to disrupt final exams, according to police. 

After officers warned the group, the students relocated to another site on campus, where they were asked again to disperse. The same thing occurred at a third location, where police officers made arrests around 8 p.m.

Those students arrested were barred from campus for two weeks. 

“Approximately 150 protesters remain in the area as of the latest update,” according to police.

Protesters damaged a fountain, “spray-painted brick walkways, tampered with fire safety equipment, damaged patio furniture, stripped wire from electrical fixtures and vandalized vehicles,” police said.

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