"At Least 15 Hamas Terror Tunnels Reach Israel Today"

Hamas, the terror group running the Gaza Strip, has at least 15 working terror tunnels leading into Israel today, Cabinet sources told Israel’s Channel 2 on Sunday.

The revelation comes just days before the scheduled release of a highly critical report on Israel’s 2014 war with Gaza, known as Operation Protective Edge. According to leaked copies, the report accuses the IDF of failing to adequately deal with the tunnel threat.

Fight Hamas Terror Tunnels. Defend Israel!

During the operation and subsequently, the IDF located and destroyed 34 terror tunnels, used by Hamas to smuggle weapons and fighters into Israel for attacks upon Israeli civilians and soldiers. However, Hamas’s tunnel-digging efforts have not ceased, and the terror group has worked hard on maintaining and rebuilding its subterranean network.

The coming report has already caused fractures in the government and cabinet, with ministers and commanders blaming each other for the operation’s weaknesses. At the bottom of the argument is the question of whether Israel should have seeked to destroy Hamas entirely, or continue its security policy of simply containing it.

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