Assault on Leadership

Assault on Leadership

Our times call for leaders with very thick skins. The advent of social media multiplies criticism and mockery, often sending gossip and misinformation around the world. The spirit of the age can be highly cynical and spiteful.

With the ongoing war and all the other issues bearing down upon Israel, it is hard to imagine the weight of responsibility on the shoulders of Prime Minister Netanyahu and yet he and his wife also bear the brunt of unending criticisms. 

Journalist Douglas Murray recently wrote in The Spectator magazine that there are many misunderstandings about Israel in the international media, but one of the most bewildering is the suggestion that if it weren’t for the presence of Benjamin Netanyahu the war would end.  However,  Murray concluded that it “doesn’t matter if they’re from the right or the left of the political spectrum, not one [cabinet member] would be doing anything different from what [Netanyahu] is doing now.”

The Bible teaches us to pray for all sorts of people, for kings, for officials, for God’s ministers, for those who persecute us and so forth, but I believe our prayers are most needed for God’s servants in the synagogues and churches as well as for those bold public servants who have been raised up by God to govern. Prayers are needed for righteous judges to be appointed. Many leaders refuse to be bullied and intimidated especially when it comes to doing the right thing for Israel.

Some leaders suffer from all sorts of attacks including depression. In 1 Kings Chapter 19, when running from the wicked Queen Jezebel, even the great prophet Elijah at one point said to God, “I’ve had enough. Lord, now take my life.” There are many leaders who secretly cry out like Elijah did. Many have been deeply wounded on the battlefield. We should constantly pray that God’s appointed and anointed leaders are unaffected by criticism and the mean spirit of the age.

You may not be called to be a leader but you can pray for a leader and his/her family. The Lord will remember you because God is no one’s debtor. The devil’s MO is to kill the shepherd to scatter the sheep, but a faithful prayer intercessor can foil plans of evil. Consider the vital supportive ministry of Aaron and Hur who held up the hands of Moses when the Amalekites attacked the children of Israel. God honored them and mentioned their service in the Bible.

Pray that the Almighty will help leaders to follow only the Lord’s leadings and not cater to the suggestions of men. Along these lines, I recall the narrative of a man of God who met with a fatal accident in 1 Kings Chapter 13. He was sent from Judah to Bethel to prophesy.  His ministry was a great success with signs and wonders. God had specifically instructed him to return home on a different route and not to take any refreshments. The man of God didn’t cave in to pressure from King Jeroboam to receive refreshment. And he did set out to return by a different route as commanded by God, but he made a fatal mistake. He fell prey to the lie of an old deceptive prophet. He fell into the trap of accepting an invitation to dine at the old prophet’s house. 

Afterward, the disobedient man of God met with a fatal accident— his vehicle (a donkey) was not totaled, but he was totaled. A lion attacked the man of God, and unfortunately, he was left dead on the side of the road. When leaders do things and go to places that are not in accordance with the will of God, divine protection can be removed from them. 

Now, this is important— when the powers of darkness fail in their attempts against God’s leaders, they may decide to attack the leader’s spouse, children, and extended family to try to crush the servant of God. When my husband and I were first living in Israel and helping to establish a biblical news bureau in Jerusalem, demonic forces tried to stop us through sickness and attacks on my parents in the United States. It’s therefore important to pray diligently for the safety of a leader, for his spouse and family, and also to pray for the team of the servants of God. Include their coworkers and support team in your prayers. 

Intercessors should always uphold their families in prayer because the satanic attacks are more ferocious against the family of a leader, and yet these wounded warriors still have to carry on to meet the overwhelming needs of the people. 

May God extend the lives of his faithful leaders serving on the front lines. When you intercede for the health of God’s man or woman, claim vitality, vigor, and strength from head to toe. Claim for them moral strength, courage, and boldness. Let them speak and act with honesty and integrity in all situations. Pray people of high moral character and spiritual maturity will surround them. 

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