Otniel attack

In an ironic turn of events, after Palestinian terrorists murdered a Jewish father of ten driving with his family near Hebron, it was a Palestinian couple who arrived first on the scene and administered treatment until further help came.

Rabbi Michael Mark, 48, a father of 10 from Otniel, was murdered on Friday by Palestinian terrorists who fired at his car.

Marks’ wife sustained serious wounds from the gunshots before their car flipped over, coming to rest on its roof. Two of their children, aged 13 and 14, were also in the car and were injured as well.

One of the first people to arrive at the scene of the deadly attack was a Palestinian from the Hebron area who offered first aid to the wounded and tried to help them.

Speaking to Israel’s Channel 2 on Monday, he recounted the first dramatic moments when he came upon the tragic scene.

“At first, I thought it was a serious car accident,” he recounted. He said he tried to open the car door, but had a hard time because it was jammed shut and the car was overturned.

“The girl was screaming ‘they killed us.’ I told her ‘don’t be afraid, everything is OK.’ I hugged her, and my wife, who is a doctor, administered treatment.”

The wife tried to calm the girl down as she treated her wounds, telling her, “Don’t be scared, we are with you.”

“I asked the girl, ‘Are there other people here?’ She replied, “Yes, father and mother and my brother. I told her, ‘Okay.’ I took the boy and hugged him. I told him, ‘Don’t be afraid, everything is okay.’ I gave them water and iodine [for their injuries].”

He explained that the circumstances of the incident did not affect his response. “It was not important to me if it was a terror attack or a car accident….there are people, children, who want help. If I can help them, I will. The girl said ‘God gave me an Arab to help us.’”

By: United with Israel Staff

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Source: United with Israel