EU illegal building

Arabs are using European Union funding to violate court orders and continue their illegal building near Hebron.

By: Ezra Stone, United with Israel

Arabs in the Hirbet Z’nutah outpost have apparently defied a court order by continuing to illegally build structures at the location. Hirbet Z’nutah is located in the middle of an archaeological site in the southern Hebron Hills region of Judea. This time, the Arabs’ illegal construction was reportedly completed using funding from the European Union (EU).

Just six months ago, the High Court suspended demolition of the outpost provided that no additional construction take place. Allegedly flouting that commitment, the Arabs responsible for construction in Hirbet Z’nutah apparently used EU funds to build yet another illegal structure, reported Arutz 7.

“Construction of a school on a protected archaeological site, with EU funding, is a gross and blatant violation of the High Court’s decision, as well as a violation of the European Convention on the Protection of Archaeological Heritage,” said Yishai Hemo to Arutz 7. Hemo serves as Field Coordinator for Judea and Samaria for the Regavim organization, a watchdog that monitors illegal Arab construction

As a result of the latest violation, Regavim plans to file another petition with the High Court of Justice in the following days.

“The offenders have sharpened their tactical skills, and have managed to pull the wool over the Court’s eyes. They never intended to uphold their commitments in this matter. We will also be petitioning the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to demand that decisive action is taken in light of the European Union’s illegal conduct,” Hemo explained.

While the illegal Arab outpost is located in Area C, and is thus under Israeli control and not subject to Palestinian Authority administration, the new structure flies PA flags.

It remains to be seen whether Israeli authorities will be required to remove the most recent structure, a course of action that has been required several times since the illegal outpost was first started several year ago. In 2012, for example, Israeli authorities had to eliminate makeshift stables and tents set up there.

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Source: United with Israel