Arab boy approaches IDF jeep in Ni'lin (YouTube video capture)

The weekly anti-Israel protests at the Arab village of Ni’lin took a bizarre twist when a Palestinian father urged his flag-bearing toddler son to approach an IDF jeep, shouting out a challenge to the soldiers to shoot the young boy.

Protests in Ni’lin and nearby Bil’in against the building of a security barrier have been held on a weekly basis since 2008. Urged on by foreign activists, the protests frequently turn violent and have led to numerous injuries and deaths.

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In the video filmed on Friday, many young children can be seen participating in the protest. At one point, an Arab father urges his young son to approach the IDF troops, yelling at the troops, “Shoot him, shoot him!”.  When the troops fail to respond aggressively to the toddler, the father is heard urging the boy in Arabic to throw stones at the soldiers. The boy does not comply.

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