The municipality of Umm al-Fahm, an Arab city in northern Israel, filed a motion to shut down their police station on Thursday. The announcement followed an emergency meeting following the murder of 24-year-old resident Ibrahim Mahmid on Friday reports Kan News. According to the municipality, the police do nothing to uproot “rampant crime”.

During the emergency meeting, several other steps were also taken: Friday’s prayer service took place near the scene where Hamamid was killed. They also plan to force the Prime Minister to comprise an emergency plan against violence in Arab communities. Additionally, they plan to appeal to the Arab Monitoring Committee in Israel to declare a strike day in the Arab sector.

Arab villages throughout Israel are known hotbed for violent crime. And they often blame the police for the high crime rate in their towns and villages, police officials told Israel Hayom that police efforts to contain crime and collect illegal weapons do not always enjoy cooperation from the Arab leaders.

The official added that soon, the Israeli police will launch an operation to confiscate illegal weapons in the Arab sector, however despite Arab leaders’ demands to eradicate their villages of illegal weapons, “some of them are not willing to cooperate with the campaign.”

He also said that policing the Arab sector is a “challenge.”

The source noted that the police were making efforts to fight crime, and that in the past few years, six new police stations were opened in Arab communities, with two more planned to start operations in the northern villages of Tamra and Tira.


Source: Israel in the News