Antisemitism inside ‘Black Lives Matter’ exposed

The Black Lives Matter organization is “shamefully and disgustingly anti-Semitic,” according to documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz.

“Of all the shame on the mainstream media in reporting BLM and their involvement in the riots and so forth, the most shameful is the fact that they would never, ever report that anti-Semitism is in the bloodstream of BLM,” Mr Horowitz told Sky News Australia. “I’m speaking about the organisation, not necessarily the people who agree or follow BLM, but the organisation is shamefully and disgustingly anti-Semitic. “They literally targeted and burned down a Jewish neighbourhood. “I was at riots and I saw them attack synagogues, I filmed them attacking synagogues and scrawling their hate across the Jewish institutions. “I can’t stress this enough – it is part of BLM’s DNA.”