Anti-Trump Protester to Preacher: “I’ll Wipe Bible with my Bloody P—sy!”

As anti-Trump protesters have descended into the streets in Washington D.C., tensions have arisen as verbal clashes are taking place with political opponents. One outspoken lady screamed at a street preacher, threatening that she will use the Bible to wipe her her “bloody” vagina with it.

In the video, a masked white woman is seen confronting a Black street preacher yelling, “I’m gonna wipe my bloody p*ssy with your Bible papers.”

The preacher began his sermon saying: “The blood of Jesus-” at which point the protestor interrupted and yelled “is on my p–sy!” Other Antifa members looked on in silence.

Meanwhile, down the street in Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House, footage showed a fight breaking out on Tuesday night between a man wearing all black who started a fight with another white man. In the video, several people joined in and assaulted the victim before he managed to escape.

At one point, another Antifa member can be seen striking the victim with a bat.

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