An Israeli NGO published a guidebook for Passover, changing the ancient text into a Palestinian manifesto. Coming in the guise of piety, the book is a travesty that twists the Bible for one purpose: to remove the Jews from the land God gave them, precisely negating the holiday itself.

The Haggadah is the guidebook for the Passover Seder, when families gather to retell the Biblical story of the Exodus from Egypt. But in the hands of a left-wing NGO called ‘Save Israel; Stop the Occupation’ (SISO), the story of the Israelites gaining freedom has been transformed into a tale of Palestinian woe and Jewish oppression.

Though the Haggadah has taken many forms and shapes over the years – this Passover, a Harry Potter-themed Haggadah has gained massive popularity – SISO’s version is undoubtedly the first which twists the text to turn Jews into villains and push for an agenda of “assisting our Arab brothers and sisters in creating an economically and politically viable Palestinian state”.

SISO was created to bring about a two-state solution in which the “Jewish Military Occupation” is removed from Judea and Samaria and a Palestinian state, modelled after Gaza, is established in the ancestral Jewish homeland. Their Haggadah, written to further this purpose, generally follows the classic template, but its alternative commentaries manage to put an anti-Israel spin on the very genesis of the Jewish people.

One commentator criticizes God’s judgement against the Egyptians in the shape of the Ten Plagues, writing that “this section of the Haggadah is difficult for those of us who deplore violence and firmly believe that liberation from oppression must be achieved through non-violent means.”

The commentary also suggests that God should have considered the Geneva Convention Rules of Armed Conflict when inflicting the Ten Plagues on Egypt. Interestingly, however, the Haggadah also includes images of Palestinian militants – clearly on the side of justice – proudly throwing firebombs.

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Possibly the SISO Haggadah’s most stunning moment is when, with a single ‘s’, the entire text is subverted from a tale of Jewish freedom into an intersectional, universal message which disregards Jewish suffering completely.

Then Hashem said unto Moshe: ‘Go in unto Pharaoh, and tell him: Thus saith Hashem, the God of the Hebrews: Let My people go, that they may serve Me. Exodus 9:1

The text was changed from the original, one ‘people’, to the plural, “Let my Peoples go” – inexplicably implying that the Palestinians were also slaves in Egypt and included in Moses’ mission.

In the Hallel, the section of the Haggadah praising God, a section of the text is changed to Arabic, praising “Allah, the God of Arabs and Jews, the God of all People”.

Mixed among the pictures of Biblical scenes and Israeli history are images of the security wall Israel built to prevent Palestinian terror juxtaposed with images depicting the parting of the Red Sea by IDF tanks crossing the Suez Canal.

Since the Diaspora began, the seder night has ended with every Jewish family all around the world declaring, “Next year in Jerusalem”. This bizarre Haggadah ends with the same verse, but adds quotes from Jewish sources, twisted and taken out of context, advising Jews not to enter Jerusalem: “There is something Holy in your midst and I [God] will not enter the city.” This quote is attributed to the Prophet Hosea, but is twisted in a manner no Jewish scholar would recognize.

I will not execute the fierceness of Mine anger I will not return to destroy Efraim; for I am God and not man the Holy One in the midst of thee; and I will not come in fury. Hosea 11:9

Jerusalem is clearly a sore point for SISO. Today, as Israel approaches the 50th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem, the organization refers to the date on their website as a “disastrous situation” of “fifty years of military control over the Palestinians”.

While virulently anti-Israel organizations like SISO are in the habit of reframing historical narratives to feed their own agendas, the anti-Israel Haggadah represents a new level of self-hatred for leftist Israeli Jews.

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