Answer the Call: Join Us in Protecting Israel’s Brave Souls!

Answer the Call: Join Us in Protecting Israel’s Brave Souls!
Israeli soldiers

Get matched with IDF soldiers fighting terrorism and Israelis in danger, to pray for them and do good deeds in their merit.

As we stand united with Israel, your immediate support carries immense significance, and the best part is, it doesn’t demand financial contributions!

This is a unique chance to make a tangible and spiritual impact for Israel. The call has reached us all, beckoning us to the forefront where Israel’s defenders stand.

By adopting just one soldier or hostage, you become a lifeline. The process is straightforward – sign up, get matched one-on-one, and engage in a simple act of kindness or send your prayers their way. This small gesture, whether through deeds or prayers, provides unwavering support, fortifying the very fabric of Israel.

Today, we implore you to stand with us, for Israel’s soldiers and hostages desperately need your presence and solidarity. Join us in this meaningful endeavor and make a difference where it matters most.

Click here to help Israel fight terrorism and bring our hostages home!

Israelis are Under Attack. Support Israel Today!

ISRAEL IS AT WAR. The people of Israel need your help at this critical time! Make a donation to help defend Israelis against unprecedented Palestinian terror.

Israel is under massive attack. Rockets falling. Terrorists invading. Thousands of explosions. Israelis being raped, brutally massacred in front of their children and taken hostage. Sirens blare, with only seconds to run for cover.

To fight terror and protect Israeli citizens, UWI provides bomb shelters, anti-terror vehicles, protective gear, security equipment, emergency medical assistance, relief to victims’ families and much more.
Help Israel to fight and win the war against terror. The time to act is now!


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