American-Israeli hero shot in the head by terrorists, fights back

Former US Marine David Stern, a religious Jew, was traveling from his home in Itamar to Jerusalem to attend a Torah class with his wife Rachel on Sunday, when they were targeted by a Palestinian terrorist as they were driving through the Palestinian center of Huwara. 

“I got to a traffic circle and I saw an Arab crossing the street and stopped to allow him to cross,” Stern recalled three days after the attack. “As he was crossing I noticed that he was making a suspicious movement with his hand so I immediately reached for my gun.”

As the terrorist started to shoot at him and his wife, Stern managed to shoot back, wounding him and causing him to flee. He then was able to start medicating his own wounds, before an ambulance arrived and evacuated him to the hospital.

“First off I want to say thank you to G-d and all the Jewish people for the prayers,” he said. “I really feel the love of everyone.” 

“I also want to say that the IDF must reinstate the checkpoints,” he added. “It is impossible to continue living like this. We miraculously survived the terror attack, but what may happen in the future?”

For David Rubin, the attack bore a striking resemblance to the attack that almost took his life and the life of his son over twenty years ago.

At the time Rubin, an American who made aliyah from Brooklyn, was the mayor of Shiloh. One night, he was driving home from Jerusalem with his three-year-old son, when the car was ambushed by three Palestinian terrorists.

Rubin was shot in the leg, his boy was hit in the head causing a skull fracture and internal bleeding in the cerebellum. Miraculously, the bullet missed his brain stem by one millimeter and he survived.

Rubin vowed to retaliate – not with hatred or anger, but with compassion – to create positive change for Israel and its children. Since then, he has been working to help children in Judea and Samaria – who suffer disproportionately from terrorism – heal and overcome the trauma that the endless chain of terror attacks causes in their daily life.

For this purpose, he established the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, which offers a wide variety of psychological post-trauma therapies , as well as physical and speech therapies for those in need, summer camps, playgrounds, and youth programs.

Help us heal more children who have recently been targeted by terrorists. Donate to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund now.

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